Mytilene: 76-year-old arrested on espionage charges – The case file


The arrest of a 76-year-old foreigner last Wednesday, accused of espionage, was announced today by the Coast Guard. According to the announcement, the 76-year-old was located on the right jetty of the port of Mytilene to watch the movements of vessels of the Coast Guard and the Navy.

During the control carried out on a camera that he possessed, photographic material of the boats was found during their entry and exit for patrol.

The camera and the memory card as well as a mobile phone device were confiscated by the Port Authority, while in a legal search carried out in a rented hotel room in the city of Mytilene where he resides were found and confiscated:

– two usb memory stick,

– five digital storage cards,

– a camera,

– a photographic lens,

an external hard drive and

– a laptop.

The 76-year-old will apologize for the felony charges that are attributed to him next Monday to the Investigator. According to his defense lawyer, the photos taken by the 76-year-old Norwegian, who is a professional photographer and director, are material for his next book on the landscapes of Lesvos.

As it also became known, the detainee often visits Lesvos as an associate of an organization that is active in dealing with the refugee-immigration issue but also as an associate of the branch of the Norwegian University of Agder in Metochi of Leimonos Monastery in central Lesvos. He is the author of three luxury albums about Lesvos, cooking and nature, which are published in collaboration with the Norwegian Study Center “Metochi” created by the University of Agder.

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