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Digital service from the new judicial year the service of criminal proceedings – What is provided


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The service of criminal trial documents will be done digitally, from the new judicial year. In particular, in accordance with legislation of the Ministers of Citizen Protection Panagiotis Theodorikakos, Minister of Justice Costas Tsiaras and Minister of State and Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakiselectronic service is established as the main way of service by the bailiffs of the criminal courts.

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Using the new digital application:

  • 1,500 Greek police officers released as bailiffs return to civilian service
  • A large number of judicial officers who were in charge of this project are released
  • The service is carried out immediately, electronically, without delays and with respect for the protection of citizens’ personal data.
  • The modification of the procedure will be specified by a Joint Ministerial Decision of the co-responsible Ministers, in which all the technical specifications and details of implementation of the electronic service will be mentioned. This speeds up the delivery of justice, reduces the cost of service, as well as the number of police and judicial officers in charge of delivering criminal documents, without compromising the rights of the parties and the quality of the trial.

The implementation of the promoted regulation will take place in the new judicial year.

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Finally, it should be noted that physical performance is not completely abolished. However, it is limited only in exceptional cases, after evaluation of the competent prosecutor, after taking into account the special geographical landscape of Greece (eg islands, inaccessible mountainous areas, border areas, etc.), but also the risk to those involved in special categories delinquent behaviors.

THE Minister of Citizen Protection Panagiotis Theodorikakos stated: “The Greek Police is changing for the benefit of the citizens, with reforms and continuous digitization of its Services. Today, a 40-year-old problem is being solved in the most effective way, with the very creative cooperation of the Ministries of Justice, Digital Governance and of course the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

With this reform, 1,500,000 lawsuits, which are circulated annually to date by the Greek Police, will be served digitally to those interested, speeding up the procedures for the administration of justice. This initiative, in addition to modernizing and speeding up court proceedings, frees and releases 1,500 police officers from this predominantly bureaucratic side effect. These police officers return to their main police duties, next to the citizen, in the neighborhoods, in the necessary patrols, wherever they are really needed and in this way enhance the sense of security of the citizens. We are legislating this regulation jointly by the three Ministries in April and at the same time the necessary measures are being organized, so that from the new judicial period in September they become a practice “.

THE Minister of Justice Costas Tsiaras stated: “The Ministry of Justice is working methodically for the digital transition of the national judicial system. Today, in cooperation with the competent Ministries, we are taking an additional step. Electronic service is established as the main way of service for criminal justice, by utilizing modern digital tools that ensure absolute transparency, speed and guarantees of objectivity. The new regulations fully guarantee the quality characteristics of criminal proceedings. At the same time, a significant number of police bodies and bailiffs are being released and a significant budgetary benefit is being secured. “

THE Minister of State and Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis said: “We are pleased to announce today the very important work of digital litigation. And I think that is the best possible example of how digital media can come to contribute and help in a better designed state. With this platform alone and the change in the process that the three ministries are proposing, 1,500 police officers are returning to their fundamental duty of protecting Greek citizens. The timetable is the new judicial year. On the day of implementation, we will meet again and make a detailed presentation of the process. We are in a very close cooperation with the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Ministry of Justice, so that we can digitize many more procedures “.

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