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Delphi-Papandreou Forum: Putin’s conception of power “imperial”


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He points out the need to deepen the Republic by limiting the concentration of power and controlling the arbitrariness of power. the former Prime Minister, George Papandreouwho spoke to APE-MPE in the context of the work of the Delphi Economic Forum.

Mr. Papandreou speaks directly about the arbitrariness of Vladimir Putin’s rule and describes the concept of his power as “imperial” exercised by the Russian President “by invading and committing atrocities in many parts of Ukraine.” He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Russia and the rest of the world.

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“The need to deepen democracy lies in the fact that the citizen can control power while power and institutions serve the needs of the citizen and not the needs of someone established or some powerful. ‘So the conflict is the rule of law or “Mr. Papandreou emphasizes the role of Europe in the current situation.

“Europe is united around the concept of the rule of law, which is the main pillar of equality.” he says and adds that this fact should not distract us from the need and Europe to strengthen its principles “not only in the logic of a common defense – which Greece always and rightly requests – but also in terms of strengthening our values.

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“We see that democracy – and it is one of the issues that I am currently dealing with in the Council of Europe, in the Commission that has been entrusted to me – is being threatened by the concentration of power. We have a global capitalist system, which It produces a lot of wealth, but it also produces a concentration of power that undermines our democratic institutions, by controlling the media many times, by controlling political systems, by corruption or the big lobbies, and of course by systems. “such as large digital companies, oil companies, agrobusiness companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial funds and companies and large military supplies. They all have enormous power, essentially not under one control, substantial, democratic.” explains Mr. Papandreou.

Thus, on the occasion of the war in Ukraine, the former Prime Minister points out that Europe is called to reconsider its role, to deepen democracy, but also to help humanize the globalization that will put people at the center and of course the protection of the environment. and the right to be more autonomous and less dependent.

Energy autonomy

“What we need to think about is that we are currently dependent on carbon as energy and it basically means that those who have sources of wealth, they control us to a great extent,” he said. “Nobody – or at least to this day no one controls it – is free. Think about having energy freedom with the sun, the sea, the winds – that is, wind energy – the geothermal energy that Greece has.” “It will essentially free us from these dependencies. We need to think strategically as a country and as Europe how we can be a much freer agent ourselves. I am talking about an energy transition, which will not be in the hands of the few and will be an energy transition. that we, the citizens, become producers, as well as consumers “, says Mr. Papandreou.

And the question “how can this be achieved?” he answers us:

With the money coming. And to say my big and well-known phrase “there is money”, today it seems that we have a lot of money coming to Greece, but the issue is how the money is used. Because if it is to go to the few and We would certainly not make the transition either fair or right. to install not only “Save” (very important that must be expanded in scale) to reduce energy needs, but to produce energy, it will be a democratic transition and we will be its managers, so we would have freedom and democracy “much more and we would not be dependent on anyone. Denmark, for example, which developed this philosophy and is now virtually energy independent.”

“It is very important strategically for our country, for our freedom, our independence but also for the reduction of the energy price” mentions Mr. Papandreou and concludes: “This is what the government should do and not delay and make a fuss about who will give permission and who will not, while there are possibilities for all Greeks to participate in this case.”

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