Before replacing your old wooden frames, read the text below


The issue of energy savings is one of those things that monopolizes everyday conversations. The reason is initially financial but also practical as perhaps the most basic factor for a house to be economical and shielded is its modern frames Ή Ή right?

Many old houses have a low energy class due to their wooden frames. This is because when they were built, wood was the first choice for windows due to its characteristic durability, but also because it is perhaps the most important renewable raw material. A house with wooden frames and shutters can be said to remain timeless, but is that enough? Would not it be ideal to be able to keep its timelessness but at the same time be economical and protected from the weather? Somewhere here the word WOODECO comes in and allows such a house, apart from being timeless, to be both modern and economical.

In the text that follows we will see the solution that will upgrade and at the same time will shield the insulation in our house while maintaining its timelessness, ie without having to replace our old wooden frames altering the style and character of the house.

The magic word upgrade….
Old art, modern technique. The art of wood is one of the oldest. What makes the difference is its modern processing technique. WOODECO company has many years of experience in handmade constructions and reconstructions of frames. With a unique patent, it reconstructs the wooden frames by installing energy glass, silicone gaskets, while at the same time improving their durability and functionality, making them almost inviolable. All this with the certification of the Aristotle University, guarantees the highest result of thermal and sound insulation of your windows.

With the know-how of WOODECO, even the oldest frames can be made like new, completely insulated and impervious to weather and noise. The options are various as you can choose the energy glass, triplex unbreakable or with sound reduction membrane for maximum results depending on your needs. Most importantly… Your space does not need to be left open.

In addition to the upgrade of the wooden frames, WOODECO also provides solutions for external thermal insulation.

A few words about the company
WOODECO former teakk has 30 years of experience in handmade constructions and reconstructions of wooden frames and all kinds of wooden constructions specializing in sound and thermal insulation. Having secured accreditation of the Aristotle University for its unique technique, which guarantees the best result. Its concern is to offer innovative solutions at low cost by combining traditional technique with modern methods. From the door, the window and the shutter, to the internal staircase and any other wooden construction. With dozens of applications in listed buildings for individuals, companies and the public, responding to their modern needs, it is able to fully implement external thermal insulation systems on the facades of buildings and windows for maximum results in energy savings and reducing air conditioning costs. the total protection from the weather phenomena and the elimination of condensates of internal humidity and the thermal bridges in the structural elements. Also undertakes the study and construction of interior decoration and layout in shops and homes with solutions according to your needs.

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