Parliament: Pending pensions at the heart of the controversy

Parliament: Pending pensions at the heart of the controversy

The amendment to the procedure rapid award of a pension is expected to be at the forefront of the confrontation between the government and the opposition, during the discussion of of the Ministry of Labor “Jobs Again“, Which is discussed and voted today by the Plenary.

The Ministry of Labor, in its announcement yesterday, states that the “fast track pensions and trust pensions“Are introduced,” are two new weapons in the ‘battle’ to further accelerate the process of issuing pensions in order to end the hostage-taking of thousands of insured people who often have to wait years to receive their pensions – for which they have paid contributions – having only the advance payment of a pension to make a living “.

Both regulations combine the increased technological possibilities within EFKA, with the necessary trust of the state towards the citizen, the Ministry of Labor assures.

In discussion which has been unfolding since the morning in Plenary, the rapporteur of ND Iason Fotilas He stressed that an amendment was coming, although much progress had already been made in the rate of pensions. But that, he said, is not enough for the government, which is moving forward with the commitments it has made to the people.

The opposition

“Mitsotaki’s mockery with the pending pensions breaks all records” said the Head of Labor and Social Affairs of SYRIZA, Mariliza Xenogiannakopouloua few hours after the amendment to speed up the award of pensions was tabled in the bill.

“After failing in its promises to ‘retire in one day’, after launching the outstanding pensions back to 340,000, after putting individuals in EFKA and filling it with blueboys, after slandering the employees of EFKA, now in essence it confesses the indomitable again of: He throws the ball to the retirees for selfservice pensions, without any guarantee that they will receive the right pension and that they will not be asked for retroactive returns in the future “, said Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou.

All the previous legislative interventions, in order to speed up the granting of pensions, were quoted, speaking earlier in the Plenary, by his special speaker Movement for Change George Moulkiotisto comment that “all of them, proved to be so effective, that now the government is proceeding with another legislative intervention, a confession of the utter failure of the executive state, a legislative intervention that once again promises hares with petals, and finally gives and temporary pensions again “.

“After the promises of a one-button pension, now you transfer the responsibility back to the retiree. “You are legitimizing the unacceptable delay in awarding a final pension,” said his expert spokesman. KKE, Christos Katsotis.

Her special spokeswoman spoke about the communication cover of the government failure Hellenic Solution, Maria Athanassiou.

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