Thessaloniki: 48-year-old guilty of raping 4 girls – friends of his children, the prosecutor suggested


The 47-year-old father’s guilt for sexually abusing four underage girls who were girlfriends of his childrensuggested the prosecutor of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki.

Accused of rapecommitted and attempted, for sexual acts with a minor under the age of 12 and for abuse of minors, in a row and continuously.

“He has the behavior of a man who tries to approach children in a sideways way,” the prosecutor said, noting that:

“The children said details, but not excessive ones that are compatible with the actions they could have suffered. They were examined by a psychologist-expert. All children had perceptual ability. They spontaneously let them testify. “The children told the truth.”

In his apology, the accused, among other things, claimed that:

“I never approached children in any way when they came to my house.”

Answering the relevant question of the president of the court, the 47-year-old stated that the four underage girls they made the complaints because they were jealous of his family situation and the good relationship he had with his daughter.

“Their psyche was disturbed by family issues. “They saw our family situation, we had a beautiful house,” he claimed, among other things.

On the first day of the hearing he pleaded not guilty. “I am being unjustly accused. “I have not done any of these heinous acts that are attributed to me,” said the accused at the beginning of the trial.

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