The “mystery” with the file in OPEKEPE: The farmer sender and the scenario with sulfur


Of Maki Synodinou

A Farmer is reportedly the sender of the “suspicious file” that mobilized police and fire brigade on Domokou Street at the offices of OPEKEPE.

According to police sources, the farmer had sent for his personal case the file which contained documents.

However, when employees opened the file, they felt a sting in their eyes and immediately notified the officials of ELAS and PS in order to examine it and receive it.

Police officers identified and immediately contacted the sender of the file who, to their surprise, told them that he had not placed anything deadly in the file other than documents relating to his personal case.

At the point, however, men of the special team for the management of chemicals and toxic substances arrived where they received the file and handed it over to EODY for further chemical analysis.

Firefighters speculated that the farmer may have caught sulfur or some other chemical element while preparing the file, causing all this disturbance.

The official results are expected from the special laboratories of EODY where they will show whether the farmer involuntarily or not, caused all this mobilization of the authorities.

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