Skaftourou Assassination: The key testimony of an eyewitness to the weapons of the executors


By Makis Synodinos

“Everything was done in fractions of a second. I do not remember how long the panic lasted all I can say is that I saw 3 people with masked facial features shooting indiscriminately. That at least I kept to myself. “Two were holding large weapons and the third a smaller one.”

She is the shocking testimony eyewitness set on Easter Monday was at the party organized by Giannis Skaftouros at his cottage in Boeotia, shortly before he fell dead from bullets of assassins and brings to light today the

According to the testimony of the eyewitness, in the shock he suffered at that moment, he distinguished three people armed with their faces covered entering the victim’s yard and shooting indiscriminately. The eyewitness, who has nothing to do with weapons, as he describes the scene of the murder, talks about two large weapons which -according to the police, means Kalashnikov while the “smallest weapon” mentioned and claimed to be held by the third killer means nine revolver.

“The only thing I remember is that the first man who came in with a very thunderous voice speaking Greek shouted ” everyone go down ” and they immediately started firing. I did not understand what happened nor did we manage to see where they were shooting. Instinctively I fell to the ground. I put my hands on my head and heard only bullets passing over me. I did not see anything else, I only heard voices “.

This deposit is considered very serious by the ELAS executives who have been called to solve the tangle of the case, as in the panic that prevailed at that time, the eyewitness managed to capture and then describe the moments he lived.

In fact, the cruelty described in this statement reinforces the theory held by high-ranking police officials from the beginning that Giannis Skaftouros was considered by some to be a “weight” of the past that he had to leave as the new “headquarters” of the night have new rules and new laws.

“New headquarters, a new division of the night and those old who are out of prison are following their fate”, says ELAS officer who knows people and situations.

According to police sources it is being examined one more testimony a man who is considered serious who yes did not participate in the Easter feast of “Uncle Joe” but knew him very well and they had communication. According to this testimony the victim had confessed to the witness that from the moment he was released he had become another human being and he had completely cut off anything that had to do with the night. In fact, he had typically said “I want to live for myself and my children”.

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