Zakynthos: The Metropolitan “beheaded” 14 negative priests


The Metropolitan of Zakynthos, Dionysios IV, puts on a holiday 14 priests who refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19. The Metropolitan had warned them about this decision a long time ago and had asked everyone in his Diocese to be vaccinated.

In particular, he fired one of the 14 permanently, while giving the remaining 13 until November 25 to plan their vaccination.

This move provoked the anger of some believers who threw T-shirts in the streets of the city of Zakynthos, while accusing the Diocese of Zakynthos of “inhuman and illegal actions”. In fact, they go so far as to characterize the relevant decision and the actions of the Zakynthos Diocese as “satanic”.

The new stricter entry framework for unvaccinated churches is also provoking mixed reactions.

Believers will now only enter with a vaccination or disease certificate, or with a negative test – either molecular or rapid.

There is a fine of 300 euros for the faithful and 1500 euros for the person in charge or the priest of the church, with the responsibility to pass on to the representatives of the temples, to check who enters and if he has the necessary certificates.

The Permanent Holy Synod will meet on Monday morning to give instructions to the local temples. SKAI information wants the archdiocese to agree with the new stricter framework set by the State.


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