Tension between hooded men and police officers in the march against the police presence at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Tension erupted during a protest march against the police presence at the Aristotle University in the center of Thessaloniki

People with hoods and batons in their hands ran towards the police forces and threw objects while lighting fires in rubbish bins. Police responded with a flash of lightning.

Arrests, an arrest and wild wood at Aristotle: Anti-authoritarians broke the entrance to the Administration building

It is noted that tension and clashes between students and police forces prevailed at noon on Tuesday in front of the Administration Building of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During the incidents, chemicals were used by the police, who received rain from stones and other objects, while hand-to-hand combat took place. Police made three arrests, one of which turned into an arrest.

The cause of the new episodes is the ongoing reactions of students and anti-authoritarians to the creation of a library in the area of ​​the Biological that was occupied for 34 years and the presence of police officers guarding the area in order to complete the works for the library.

Members of student groups had gathered in front of the building and shouted slogans against the police presence. In front of them came a person, who according to him is a former graduate of the University, but without being recognized by the students themselves. He first verbally attacked the MAT forces and then tried to handcuff a police officer, who reacted and repulsed him, resulting in the generalization of the conflict, with the MAT repelling the students with globes and the use of chemicals.

Police forces remained in front of the administration building where the University Technical Service proceeds to restore broken glass and roles and the evaluation of damage within the building, which caused earlier and burglaries’ first -time tools after the first cyclists. in ΣΘΕ.

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