Full Glass: Dádiva’s Brewer’s Cut celebrates sour style with two novelties

Full Glass: Dádiva’s Brewer’s Cut celebrates sour style with two novelties

In 2018, Dádiva launched the first beer in the Brewer’s Cut series, an American sour with yellow fruits, sold in an elegant 375 ml bottle.

Four years later, the Várzea Paulista brewery (near Jundiaí, in São Paulo) launches Brewer’s Cut #9 and #10, which end the line of special labels, made with longer maturation time, in wooden barrels, and privileging above all the sour style.

The two novelties are similar, made with the same base, aged in barrels and mixed fermentation. They also have the same alcohol content, 5.2%. However, #9 has blueberry in the formula, which gives it a more burgundy color; #10 swaps the blueberry for the raspberry, and its color becomes more orange.

These are beers with lactic acidity and that characteristic sourness of sours, in addition to very low bitterness (do not confuse acidity with bitterness).

Brewer’s Cut line recipes bear the signature of brewmaster Victor Marinho, who was inspired by the “director’s cut” movie releases to name his series. As in the films, the selection of beers has a special touch from the director, and they can be tasted more calmly, without haste —they are guard beers, that is, they do not need to be consumed at the time of purchase.

You can find Brewer’s Cut beers at addresses specializing in craft beers, such as Empório Alto dos Pinheiros (r. Vupabussu, 305, Pinheiros, tel. 3031-4328), or at Dádiva’s online store, cerariadadiva.com.br/loja , in the “mount your pack” version. The suggested value for each is R$ 49.90.

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