Opinion – Cozinha Bruta: The biggest barbecue at the end of the world

Opinion – Cozinha Bruta: The biggest barbecue at the end of the world

There was no record because the Guinness book inspectors had more to do. Thus, the “biggest barbecue in the world” was only in the mouth of Darci Lermen (MDB), the mayor of Parauapebas, Pará.

On Tuesday (10), something like 20,000 kilos of beef ribs were roasted in a shed, floor fire style – with the skewer stuck in the ground, next to a fire. The festival’s pretext was the city’s 34th anniversary.

The number 34 is far from round, not even half a dozen. Which city moves worlds to celebrate 34 years? São Paulo, which is the largest in the country, only has a really big party when it has a centenary.

The reasons for the rib orgy are less blurred if we look at the context.

Parauapebas became a municipality in 1978, during the dictatorship that they now want to revive. The military at that time – as well as the current ones – were obsessed with the occupation of the Amazon, which they believed to be the target of covetousness by rich countries.

It turns out that populating an area of ​​dense forest is too difficult. The trees got in the way of the mission. The solution was to cut them down to extract wood and make way for mining on a titanic scale, mechanized monoculture and extensive cattle ranching.

Before temporarily returning to the little house, I mean barracks, the soldiers completed this task with formidable success on three fringes of the Brazilian Amazon: Rondônia, northern Mato Grosso and the south-eastern portion of Pará, where Parauapebas is located.

The city only exists because of the Serra dos Carajás, the largest iron ore reserve in the world, explored by Vale. The company paid, in royalties and compensatory funds, R$ 1.4 billion to the municipality in 2021.

Thus, Parauapebas has the third GDP per capita in Pará and the 29th in Brazil. Quality of life, on the other hand, is not those things: in the national ranking of the IDHM, which measures human development, the city occupies the 1,454th position.

“More than half of the city does not have sanitary sewage and 80% of public roads are not urbanized”, wrote on Twitter the journalist Maurício Angelofrom the Mining Observatory, which “denounced” the barbecue.

Why not invest the BRL 338,000 – the alleged cost of the meat, which a local retailer says it donated – in health, education and infrastructure? Why the party? What is there to celebrate?

Perhaps the mayor wants to celebrate his retention in power, even after being convicted of campaigning with money from an obscure source. He and his running mate – nicknamed João do Verdurão – will remain in office until the last instance of the process.

The costelão orgy is a show of strength by the group that has seized power and threatens not to accept a defeat in the elections. It is affront and territorial marking.

It is a celebration of enriching the few by destroying the rest. From a project that exchanges clean water for ore, the forest for pasture and the native populations for southern barbecue settlers. It’s not ground fire, it’s ground fire in the Amazon.

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