A teacher was arrested in Athens for beating a student


Teacher of the 65th High School of Athens was arrested for beating her student. According to the report, the mother of a minor student filed a complaint with the Police, based on which her son was beaten by a teacher last Monday. The charge concerns bodily injuries for beating, according to what the student’s mother reported to the Authorities.

The minor student testified to the Police that he was attacked by his teacher in the schoolyard where he is studying, during a break. The student, after accepting the attack, notified his mother and she immediately reacted, calling for Immediate Action.

It is noted that the police officers, who rushed to the school after calling the scene, found that the 15-year-old was carrying hacks on the left side of the neck, on the left shoulder and on the right palm, while his mother was next to him.

The teacher denies the specific accusations, while a different picture seems to be presented by some other students, who were at the spot. It is reported that the teacher allegedly asked the student to go to the teachers’ office, because he was walking around in his underwear during the break.

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