Erdogan threatens – In two pillars of Athens strategy and Europe’s stance


Athens exposes in every direction the Turkish provocation that our country is facing and the non-existent claims of Ankara. At the same time, there is operational readiness in the field, in order to deal with even the most unfavorable scenarios.

By Penelope Galliou

Two parallel paths that, apparently, will never meet in essence and in history, walk the Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Tayyip Erdogan. In a particularly critical geopolitical situation, the Greek Prime Minister, as he has repeatedly stated, has chosen to stand in the right side of the storyagainst any revisionism, violence and threat to the sovereignty of any country, believing in and promoting international legitimacy.

The opposite path was chosen by the Turkish president, his revisions, threats and violations of international legitimacy and the rules and conditions that compose it.

Tayyip Erdogan trapped in the internal impasse of Turkey and its government and struggling to keep his party audience fluttering, acts like a raging bull against everything. Before the threatening frenzy against Greece and the sovereignty of its islands subsided, it returned with a new attack on the west. After the end of the cabinet, the Turkish president, faithful to his bigotry, did not speak about the present and the future but about the “good past” of the Ottoman Empire.

“Turkey tore the shirts they wore, cut the shackles, tore down the walls that were built on it in the past and wiped out the mortgages that were imposed on it! Turkey is now such a country.” mentioned features. “Turkey after the First World War has seen the collapse of its state that was 600 years old … With the National Struggle we saved as much of the territory as we could in relation to what they tried to impose on us with the Treaty of Sevres. “During World War II, we faced the hypocrisy of the Allies that kept us all aside …” the Turkish president noted, adding: “What until yesterday you were told ‘You can not do, we did everything and we continue to do it. “As much as they told us ‘you will not succeed’, we managed everything and we continue,” he said.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis once again took the opposite path, faithful to international law and to the validity of the arguments but also to the non-aggravation, during his speech at the opening of the Poseidonia 2022 International Maritime Exhibition, stressed the need the war in Ukraine to end, while sending a clear message to the West but also to Tayyip Erdogan “with him (with the war) to prevent the destructive model of authoritarian leaders who at any cost or pretext will invade the borders of their neighbors “directly showing the revisionism of Vladimir Putin with the tragic results that continue but also the attempt of the Turkish president to imitate his Russian counterpart. “This is a task of the international community, but also of the whole civilized world, with temporary costs today, but with great profit tomorrow” stressed the Prime Minister.

Supporting the views of the Greek Prime Minister came the new message from him Enlargement and Neighborhood Commissioner Oliver Varchell, to Ankara stressing that Turkey continues to distance itself from the EU, referring to the Turkish questioning of Greek sovereignty and the provocative overflights in the Aegean. “Reports of Turkish fighter jets flying over Greek areas are a source of concern,” said the Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, speaking at a plenary session of the European Parliament. “Varchelli also said that he expects Turkey to be unequivocally committed to good neighborly relations, international agreements and the peaceful settlement of disputes.”

The two pillars of Athens’ strategy

Under these circumstances, Athens, firmly oriented to expose in all directions the Turkish provocation that our country faces and the non-existent claims of Ankara beyond any legality and international conditions, continues unabated. A strategy that moves in two pillars, parallel and complementary at the same time.

One pillar concerns diplomatic vigilance which aims to leave no objection from Turkey unanswered and not communicable to the international community and at the same time Athens to “take advantage” of every international step given to it, so that Turkish delinquency does not remain bilateral but internationalized.

The second direction of the Greek strategy concerns operational readiness and in the fieldin order to deal with even the most unfavorable scenarios that Ankara can work out against our country.

“We draw some conclusions, we look at some scenarios and to some extent the Armed Forces have planned for every eventuality. So for any scenario, there is a plan for the first reactions and how we will move. I do not think there is a scenario that will find us unprepared.” commented on SKAI TV Retired Admiral Alexandros Diakopoulos.

After all, according to experts and analysts, the unpredictable provocation and aggression of Turkey, does not allow complacency “We are always prepared for the worst case scenario that can happen because they consider it absurd to wait for an attack to occur first and then look at your defense.

The extreme Turkish threats through Erdogan that came to question the sovereignty of the Greek islands, but also all the aggression and propaganda that is uttered either by Turkish government officials, or by the Turkish media or by nationalist elements even for the occupation of its islands. Aegean have put the Staffs on alert, which are ready to react quickly to any kind of challenge, on land, sea and air.

Readiness and determination prevail in both the political and diplomatic fields with government officials on alert against any verbal challenge and revisionism, proposing in their argument the belief and observance on the part of Greece of International Law and the Law of the Sea. The stigma of the government strategy was given by government spokesman t“The Greek Government, in pursuing a foreign policy of principles, has managed to strengthen its prestige, but also the reflection of our views everywhere. We face with calmness, determination and confidence all the challenges and so we will do. What we are interested in is the substance and the result.The essence is that our Allies and partners, in the clearest way, condemn this provocative behavior of Turkey. we have International Law on our side, it’s that we have the Allies on our side, it’s that we have the full capacity to defend our national sovereignty and our sovereign rights, without provoking anyone, everyone knows that. and those who have been shouting especially lately. ”

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