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When does the “Tourism for All” platform open


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The Undersecretary of Tourism said that detailed announcements will be made by the end of June.

For the program “Tourism for all”the beneficiaries and the criteria spoke the Sofia Zacharakiwhile he said that the announcements about when the platform will open will be made towards the end of June.

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The Undersecretary of Tourism, speaking at the Open, stressed that the program starts on July 1st.

“The previous program, which was the largest program to support domestic tourism for ’20 and ’21, ended at the end of December. Together with the minister we tried and succeeded in securing an additional 30 million. We calculated more than those absorbed in the previous program and more beneficiaries (200,000). Once the amount is approved we work on the technical details. We will have a higher individual income compared to other programs, mainly social tourism. The individual income is from 16,000 euros, the family 28,000 euros which increases to 1,500 euros per child “.

What are the criteria and who are the beneficiaries

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As Sofia Zacharaki noted, “We will make our announcements so that the registration can be done through the Tourism platform for All, there will be an electronic draw because obviously there will be many more potential beneficiaries, in order to determine who these 200,000 will be. “What is changing this year is that the program is becoming much simpler, much faster and less bureaucratic.”

“We want the business to be paid immediately and no one to bother with papers, supporting documents and everything else. You go to the hotel, you have an intangible card and with it you enjoy the reduction in the amount, which can reach the total of your stay, depending on where you have chosen to stay. The fixed amount is 150 euros, and is, in fact, increased in relation to the subsidy we gave with the previous program. This concerns accommodation. There will be a provision for the agencies, as we had in the previous program and we see if we could include other services, such as the ferry “he added.

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