Papadimoulis: My decision not to run again is final


His decision to retire from politics at the end of his term is announced by the SYRIZA MEP – Progressive Alliance Dimitris Papadimoulis, who was re-nominated by the Eurogroup of the Left for the position of Vice President of the European Parliament.

“I prefer to be asked why I am leaving, rather than why I am still living,” said Mr. Papadimoulis in an interview with the Parliament Television and on the show “Voulis Vima” with Alexia Koulouri (Thursday at 23.00). “I do not intend to die in parliament. I am going through my third term. A few hours ago, the Eurogroup of the Left, ie 19 parties from all over Europe, unanimously decided to re-nominate me to be re-elected Vice-President of the European Parliament until the end of my term. If that happens, because the MEPs will have to vote for me, I will be the only one from Greece, the only one from the Left. But, I have decided for many years that this is my third term, this will be my last. “I have many dreams for the future, but they are far from the parliamentary seats, either Greek or European”, says Dimitris Papadimoulis.

The MEP of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, sends a message of renewal, which seems to go beyond the limits of his own party. “I believe in the logic of renewal in both ideas and people and I will serve it. It is a final decision. Many people say to me, “but why don’t you stay and have more to give or why are you leaving”. I prefer to be asked why I am leaving, rather than why I am still living. And what I do not understand is that some people are 70, 75, 80 and consider themselves irreplaceable. “Let other people leave room to be tested”, said Mr. Papadimoulis with emphasis.

He also referred to a pan-European rating in which he ranks among the 10 most influential MEPs. “It is an honorary distinction not only for me and my party, but also for the country, that a pan-European evaluation ranks me among the 10 MEPs with the greatest influence in decision-making and the formation of the agenda”, the Greek MEP noted that “this it is more difficult for someone who is Greek and leftist, while for someone who is right and German it is easier. This requires hard work to build a prestige and an impact on things, “said Mr. Papadimoulis.


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