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Economou: Today a lawsuit of the Greek state is filed against Novartis


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The government spokesman announced in advance that there would be a statement from the Ministry of Health, Thanos Plevris, with clarifying details.

“Our gaze is firmly focused on the development of the country, the economy, but also on the relief of society,” said government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, during a briefing for political authors in Thessaloniki.

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Mr. Economou announced, among other things, that within the day a lawsuit of the Greek state is filed against the company Novartis and announced in advance that there will be a statement of the Ministry of Health with clarifying details.

The government spokesman described the development as a “milestone” and “a very important national success”. Eurogroup decision to withdraw from the enhanced surveillance regime on 20 August and referred to the relevant statements of the prime minister, pointing out that “Greece is no longer the black sheep of Europe, but a reliable partner that stars, a state that is not receptive to suggestions but co-shapes developments, that is not wronged but leads.”

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He stressed that “a painful cycle closes that opened twelve years ago” and at the same time opens a “new era of autonomous choices for our country, for the development of the country and for the prosperity of the citizens”, as well as financial support for those affected by international crisis, a “window of optimism and perspective, in the vortex of a huge imported crisis”.

The government spokesman also referred to the latest Eurobarometer data, according to which citizens have more confidence in both European and national institutions, adding:

“This is an emphatic response to populism and to those who think that the clock of history can go back to the era of memoranda and prove that, along with economic progress, confidence is restored.”

Mr. Oikonomou stressed that for ND, since its establishment, an inviolable principle is that economic progress “is a tool and not an end in itself to make people’s lives better” and added: “We were and are the faction of political humanity, with our first concern of the people’s needs “.

The government spokesman referred to the government’s actions to curb energy prices over the past period, with interventions amounting to 3.7% of GDP, a fact that ranks Greece, according to a pan-European survey conducted in the first position, among the 25 countries that participated in it.

He reminded that today the platform for submitting applications opens for the return of 60% of the electricity increases of the December – May bills, which will range from 18 to 600 euros, with the benefit of all natural persons with a family income of up to 45,000.

At the same time, from the beginning of July, the mechanism of intervention in the wholesale and retail sale of electricity is activated, with beneficiaries small and medium enterprises, households, farmers, vulnerable consumers, from “seventy to ninety percent increase in the price of a kilowatt hour”.

In the coming days, added Mr. Economou, a new government intervention for fuel will be announced.

The government spokesman noted that the government is making every effort to help households and businesses, adding: “With prudence and persistence in planning we will endure and we will all come out of this huge ordeal together.”

Mr. Economou also mentioned that yesterday the Greek plan for a Fair Development Transition was approved by the Commission, with a budget of 1.63 billion. Euro, which is the first such national program approved at European level, as the first pan-European Competitiveness Plan 2021-27 for our country was approved. He noted that the “strong will” of the government to change the production model with the simultaneous support of local communities, and added that Macedonia is in those areas that will benefit from investment in these sectors and new jobs.

Mr. Economou announced that from July 1, the registration of citizens of the whole country for the personal doctor begins, from the age of 16, with all applications accepted up to 2000 citizens per doctor, or in the case of contracted doctors with the limit that he has also chosen with the right to transfer to another personal doctor per year.

The government spokesman finally expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in terms of the preliminary procedures for the PAOK stadium and the general regeneration of the surrounding area, in Toumpa and added: “This is a project with multiple development consequences and for Thessaloniki and Northern Greece “.

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