KINAL – KO: Kegeroglou remains secretary- The white roses on the chair of Fofi Gennimata |


The spirit of unity that Fofi Gennimata consolidated in the Movement for Change finally calmed the tension in the Movement’s Central Committee and within ten minutes it made unanimous decisions for the party’s representation in Parliament, after the loss of the KINAL president.

This was also pointed out in a statement by Costas Skandalidis, Parliamentary Representative of KINAL, as appointed by Fofi Gennimata.

“Fofi ‘s protective shadow was diffused in the atmosphere and surpassed any of our personal pettiness. The Parliamentary Group stood up to the circumstances.

Our goal now is to attend the ballot box on December 5th. The omens are good. “The next day will be brighter for us”, stressed Mr. Skandalidis.

The meeting lasted not ten minutes and after honoring the memory of Fofi Gennimata with a minute of silence, leaving two white roses on her seat, the secretary of the Parliamentary group, Vassilis Kegeroglou, made a suggestion and the KINAL deputies decided unanimously:

“To the Secretary of K.O. Vassilis Kegeroglou, the institutional representation of K.O. at the Conference of Speakers of Parliament, the representation of K.O. or the appointment of a representative at events etc. and the responsibility of the operation of the Parliamentary Group (in particular the convening of the K.O. and the coordinating body, issues of staff, collaborators, etc.).

* To the Parliamentary Representatives Costas Skandalidis and Michalis Katrinis by order, the parliamentary representation of K.O. and especially in the legislative work, discussion of draft laws, the state budget, etc. but also in the parliamentary control (questions, committees of inquiry, motion of censure, extended discussions, etc.), pre-agenda discussion at the level of political leaders, etc.

* In addition, the responsibility per parliamentary sector and the participation of MPs or other executives in institutions (eg National Foreign Policy Council) or Parliamentary Committees, as defined so far, as well as cooperation with academics and others continue to apply. associates of K.O.

* Any other issue will be addressed by the Secretary of K.O. and the Parliamentary Representatives, in collaboration with the competent or co-competent deputies and the director of K.O. and for matters of greater importance, the coordinating body will be convened or the K.O. will meet. “

The apparent conflict was avoided through backstage consultations throughout the weekend as, as it seems, the logic prevailed that it is not in the interest of either side to pull the rope to the extremes.


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