Queen Elizabeth 2nd is seen driving in Windsor despite orientation from rest


Queen Elizabeth 2nd was photographed this Monday (1st) driving alone around her property at Windsor Castle. The ride in his Jaguar, however, goes against the medical advice of forced rest for two weeks by the 95-year-old sovereign.

The photo, reproduced by image banks and media outlets such as People magazine, shows Elizabeth at the wheel wearing a headscarf and sunglasses. Last Friday (29), the medical team in charge of the Queen’s care recommended an extension of the rest period due to non-detailed health complications.

Three days earlier, also due to medical advice, the matriarch of the British royal family had already announced that she would not go to COP26, the UN climate conference, which began this Sunday (31) in Glasgow, Scotland, and is counting on the presence of diverse global leaders.

According to Buckingham Palace, the recommendation was that, during the rest period, the Queen should avoid official visits and perform only light and office tasks.

The queen’s health status has been highlighted in recent days, as she even spent a night in the hospital on the 20th to carry out “preliminary examinations”. It was the first time in years that Elizabeth had slept in a hospital bed, and the reasons were not clarified — it is known, however, that the hospitalization was not related to Covid-19.

In addition to canceling the commitments at COP26, in which she was replaced by her son, Prince Charles, 72, the Queen had to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland, where she was scheduled to meet with the population, and to participate in an annual festival that honors “those who fought in wars, disasters and pandemics to protect the UK”.

Elizabeth, who is known for her robust health, did, however, participate in a series of virtual meetings in which she appeared cheerful and cheerful. After a conversation with the Queen, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the sovereign was “in very good shape”.

Before admission, another fact that caught the attention was that the queen was seen using a cane for the first time without a specific medical reason, at a large public event — in 2003 and 2004, after an operation on her knee, she had already appeared with the item.

On October 15, a conversation between the sovereign and her daughter-in-law was picked up by microphones on a TV channel. In the audio, Elizabeth criticizes officials who she says “talk but don’t act,” referring to pledges by world leaders to increase focus on measures against global warming. At the same time, he said he was “following everything” about the UN climate conference.

In April, the Queen was widowed after a marriage that lasted nearly 75 years. Prince Philip died at age 99, two months before his hundredth birthday.


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