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Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ Pothen Esches: What the Prime Minister and his wife say on real estate, deposits, income


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Mr. Mitsotakis also shows loan obligations


Without significant changes in relation to the previous financial year, Pothen Esches by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. His personal income for the financial year 2020 amounted to 77,603.3 euros and comes mainly from the parliamentary allowance of which 5,800 euros from real estate and 1,837 euros from income from agricultural business. Mareva Grabowski’s wife’s income amounted to 39,245.69 euros from paid services and 30,000 from real estate.

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The Prime Minister stated that since the previous year he has been holding shares of BNP mutual funds worth $ 15,583.53 and 7,671 euros with the investor’s share being the National Bank.

The prime minister’s wife owns three lockers at Alpha Bank that opened in previous years.

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The prime minister maintains all their deposits in Greek financial institutions and totals approximately 8,500 euros and 111 dollars. His wife maintains foreign and domestic bank accounts of approximately 348,996 euros and 177,713 dollars.

The real estate of the prime minister couple that shows 40 registrations with different percentages of ownership in properties located in Crete, Athens and Tinos. The only change in 2020 was the sale of a ground floor apartment of 328 sq.m. held since 1980.

The Prime Minister owns two passenger cars of 1,560 and 875 cubic meters as well as a truck for agricultural work of 2,600 cubic meters. His wife sold a car of 2,495 cubic meters, while that year she sold a car of 1,598 cubic meters for 8,000 euros.

Regarding loans and debts, the Prime Minister appears to have two loans and a credit card. In particular, his credit card at the National Bank with a remaining amount of 21,274.61 euros. It owes 150,000 euros to Ms. Alexandra Gourdain created in 2018. It also has a loan obligation to Piraeus Bank with a due amount of 234,618 euros which is a co-borrower by 1/4, while in 2020 it repaid a loan to Piraeus Bank with an initial amount of 150,000 euros in 2009. His wife has a credit card and two loans. The credit card had a due amount of 10,478 euros. A consumer loan of 41,211.90 euros to Alpha Bank and another loan to Piraeus Bank with a due balance of 838,345 euros which is a co-borrower by 1/3.

Regarding the participations in companies, the Prime Minister maintains his participation by 66% in KIRYX SA which he has from a parental inheritance. During the current year, his wife acquired a 83.33% stake in a Service Company under the name “MGPG Intvestiment Consulting IKE” with an initial contribution capital of 30,000 euros and a contribution capital on 31/12/20 of 25,000 euros. It sold the shares it held in “Zeus + DIONE SA” had a participation of 24.4% with a sale value of 210,385 euros, while maintaining its 50% stake in “M. Grabowski and Co. OE “he owned.


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