Economou: Lockdown is not in our design grid and will not exist


“The pandemic is a dynamic phenomenon and we are taking the necessary measures, examining the epidemiological, economic and social data. The mix of measures is not static. Behind the individual regulations there is a strategic plan: promotion of public health, continuous strengthening of the National Health Service, ensuring the full functioning of the economy, education and social life. “The lockdown is not in the grid of our planning and there will not be,” said in an interview with the newspaper “Kathimerini tis Kyriakis” the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister and government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, noting that Christmas imposes the utmost responsibility in keeping but also the rapid expansion of vaccination coverage.

He points out that the Church will do its duty, humanitarian and national, and the state will do its job. “We remain goal-oriented and do not look for unnecessary tensions,” he said.

Regarding the opposition’s accusations that many mistakes have been made in the management of the pandemic, Mr. Oikonomou replies that Mr. Tsipras has the sad privilege of being the only political leader in Europe who opposes through the pandemic, without applicable proposals. “Trapped in outdated logic and interpretive tools, he behaves irresponsibly, in the midst of multiple crises, as if we were in a pre-election period,” he notes.

He then refers to the government’s strategy which, as he notes, organized a plan to halt the pandemic, which left Greece largely unharmed for much of 2020.

“We protected the citizens and gained valuable time, which we used for the unprecedented strengthening of the NSS. We also actively supported the real economy, exceeding the initial expectations of society. Finally, we designed a functional, safe and free vaccination program. After the defense was built, we proceeded to a reasonable lifting of restrictions. Greece can not be trapped, although the pandemic leaves no country unharmed. Greece is being tested hard, but it is enduring and resisting. With losses, which could have been less, if everyone had actively supported vaccination and rationalization. “And in the overall picture, of the two years, we are maintained at a better level than most countries,” the government spokesman stressed.

Speaking about the energy crisis and the support of the vulnerable, Mr. Economou notes that the government recognized the problem in time and implemented a dynamic plan to support society, so that price increases have the least possible impact on households. “Despite the multiple and interconnected crises, the development we achieve allows us to offer practical support to people and businesses. We have already allocated over 1 billion euros for increases in energy, health care, pensions and similar measures. We are also gradually reducing unemployment: 170,000 of our fellow citizens now have jobs and income. “We are here to offer security and safety.”

Also for the possibility of exporting from Turkey of the internal crisis he faces, he points out that “Greece is closely following the developments, we are not complacent, but we are not afraid”. “What we have achieved in the last two years has strengthened our geostrategic and geopolitical footprint, both in our neighborhood and in the Eastern Mediterranean in general,” he said.

Asked about ND’s goals in the elections and possible collaborations, as he underlines that in times of crisis there is no room for experimentation and amateurism, he adds “we have made a huge preparation – institutionally, organizationally and investing – so in the near future, continue the path of prosperity for all even more intensely. Thus, at the time of the elections, with respect to the judgment of the citizens and with confidence in our work, we will claim the clear mandate “.

Regarding the operating framework of the media, he notes that the government is planning institutional interventions that concern, among other things, the licensing process of radio stations and regional televisions. Also, as he states, the government is working with the aim of “redefining the conditions for inclusion in the respective registers of the General Secretariat of Information of the printed and electronic media and the correlation of their registration with the possibility of receiving state advertising. Finally, in the reorganization of RES, in order to meet the modern requirements “.

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