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OFI-Ionian: The rise of the Cretans and the first exit of the Nicaeans


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Useful information in view of the OFI-Ionikos match for the 11th game of the Super League is presented by the official website of the Super League.

Detailed text from the official site of the organizing authority

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The recent spectacular rise of OFI brought the team of Crete to the top five places in the standings and intends to continue like this, welcoming Ionikos.

A team that is making its first trip to this year’s championship and will chase a positive result.

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With eleven points in its last five games, OFI climbed to fifth place in the standings. OFI has a defeat and only the undefeated Olympiakos has fewer.

It started with many draws, now having six, more than any other team. But with three wins in the last five, it has risen dramatically.

He has not conceded a goal in the last four, while he has kept the “zero” six times in the season. He has not won consecutive games at home since March 2020.

First in matches: Pasalidis, Gayegos and Durmisai from 10.

First in goals: Neira 4, Toral and Durmisai from 2.

So far

13.09.2021: Aris – OFI 0-0

19.09.2021: OFI – AEK 3-3 (Neira 2, Vouros)

22.09.2021: OFI – Asteras Tripolis 0-0

27.09.2021: PAS Giannina – OFI 1-1 (Neira)

03.10.2021: OFI – PAOK 1-3 (Nabi)

17.10.2021: Panaitolikos – OFI 1-2 (own goal, Neira)

24.10.2021: OFI – Lamia 0-0

28.10.2021: Acheron Kanalakiou – OFI (Cup) 0-1 (Kastainios)

31.10.2021: Panathinaikos – OFI 0-0

06.11.2021: OFI – Atromitos (Durmisai 2)

20.11.2021: Volos – OFI 0-2 (Toral 2)

The program

28.11.2021: OFI – Ionian

01.12.2021: Aris – OFI

04.12.2021: OFI – Olympiacos

The Ionian

Ionikos had to go through ten games to make his first trip to the championship. He has played five away games, losing to AEK, Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, defeating Atromitos and drawing with Apollon.

He has scored just seven goals, but has six in the last six. He surpassed one goal only once this year, away from home with Atromitos.

He has a win in the last eight, but with four draws in that period he has a satisfactory difference from the last places at the moment.

First in races: Valerianos, Mygas, Aosman and Thuram from 11.

First in goals: Aosman and Thuram from 3.

So far

12.09.2021: AEK – Ionikos 3-0 (red Romao)

18.09.2021: Ionikos – Aris 1-0 (Aosman)

23.09.2021: Ionikos – PAS Giannina 0-0

27.09.2021: Apollon Smyrni – Ionikos 0-0

03.10.2021: Ionikos – Lamia 1-2 (Aosman, red Dalsio)

16.10.2021: Panathinaikos – Ionikos 4-1 (Sanchez, red Sanchez)

23.10.2021: Atromitos – Ionikos 0-2 (Thuram, Aosman)

27.10.2021: Xanthi – Ionikos (Cup) 1-2 (Dalsio, Thuram)

01.11.2021: Ionikos – Volos 1-1 (Vafeas)

07.11.2021: Olympiakos – Ionikos 1-0

20.11.2021: Ionikos – Asteras Tripolis 1-1 (Thuram)

The program

28.11.2021: OFI – Ionian

02.12.202: Lamia – Ionian (Cup)

05.12.2021: Ionikos – PAOK

Between them

They may be playing for the first time in 14 years in the Super League, but since then they have faced opponents two seasons in the Second National and one in the Third National, in 2015-16, amateur category.

OFI continued a positive tradition with Ionikos, which had started after 2004. After Ionikos won twice in 2003-004, OFI has kept undefeated in the last 12 official.

He won seven of them, while five were tied.

Only in the big category OFI has not lost the last six, winning in the last three. In Heraklion, OFI has officially won the last six, three of them for the big category.

His game played in Heraklion in 2003 is one of the most historic games, as 37 players played. The match took place in two installments, after the first time it was stopped in 75 ‘and continued after several days, but with many different players.

The History

OFI wins: 17

Draws: 5

Ionikos victories: 10

Hosted by OFI

OFI wins: 13

Draws: 0

Ionian victories: 3

The last game

15.04.2007: OFI – Ionikos 2-1

(37 ‘Konstantinidis heads, 52’ Simits shoots – 59 ‘Arvanitis’s own goal)

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