Tsipras: Inequalities are scandalous, they let the henchmen of power free


At the same time, Mr. Tsipras emphasized that “it is not only the difficulties we are living with, but also the scandalous inequalities”, speaking of a “feeling of lack of justice in the country” and a “feeling of impunity” on the occasion of the Lignadis case

The president of SYRIZA PS, Alexis Tsipras, has been touring the prefecture of Fokida since the morning.

First he visited the Traditional Olive Grove of Amfissa, which was affected by the fire. In discussions he had with the residents, the common admission of all was the great oligarchy of the Authorities, as a result of which the fire escaped and burned a large part of the traditional historical olive grove in the Delphic landscape.

At the same time, they complained that even after the disaster, the indifference continues, since ELGA informed them that they will come to assess the disasters in the spring of 2023.

Afterwards, Mr. Tsipras toured the Amfissa market. During his tour, he discussed with shopkeepers and consumers the situation in the market, the dramatic decrease in turnover and the purchasing power of citizens.

Almost all citizens in the discussions they had with the President of SYRIZA PS characterized the accuracy and explosion of energy costs in electricity bills as the biggest problem, which is now taking on existential dimensions, while many described the power pass as a “fraud”, as instead of 600 euros in refunds in their accounts yesterday they saw a few euros, despite the exorbitant amounts they have paid in the readjustment clause for so many months.

After his tour, Mr. Tsipras, in a speech he made in the square of Amfissa, launched a fierce attack on the government for the accuracy and electricity bills, stressing that “unfortunately, in these three years, the government of Mr. Mitsotakis made sure to favor the few, the having and possessed. But the great majority of Greek society is going through very great difficulties, greater than ever, perhaps even since the difficult years of the memorandums”.

In this context, Mr. Tsipras underlined that “Greece’s energy inflation is the highest in the whole of Europe”, citing the Commission’s data announced yesterday, according to which Greece has the most expensive electricity in Europe for businesses and the third most expensive for households.

He characterized the accuracy “for supermarkets” as “terrifying”, while referring to the electricity bills, he emphasized that “the filthy lucre that has been made with the backs of the government in recent years has never happened before”, praising the “golden boys with fat salaries and bonuses” millions to themselves” but also “the privatization of PPC in the midst of an energy crisis. Macron in France is nationalizing the public electricity company and Mr. Mitsotakis is privatizing it.”

In this context, Mr. Tsipras complained that “every household and every business loses” because, as he explained, “their only concern is to have more profits for the shareholders to share and for the price to be high on the stock market board”.

At the same time, referring to the “terrifying obscene profit”, he spoke of 1.5 billion. euro surplus profits in an eight-month period “which would allegedly be taxed at 90%”. “Finally, from the 1.5 billion do you know how much they will tax? 200 million” added Mr. Tsipras, even noting that “these will be returned to them with the favors they do to PPC and private individuals. This is unfortunately the reality in our country today.”

“Scandalous inequalities, the henchman of power was released”

At the same time, Mr. Tsipras emphasized that “it is not only the difficulties we are experiencing, but also the scandalous inequalities”, speaking of “a feeling of lack of justice in the place” and “a feeling of impunity” on the occasion of the Lignadis case.

Citing the example of a “poor devil” who was jailed for petty theft in Thessaloniki, he emphasized that “the one who committed the most heinous crimes, rape, was released yesterday because he was close to the authorities”.

He brought a similar example of “scandalous inequalities” on the occasion of the eviction from his first residence “of a retired journalist for debts of 15,000 euros in credit cards while the party that governs us has 350 million euros in loans and unpaid debts, the cabinet has 12.5 million loans and the prime minister himself 1.3 million, but they have no risk of losing anything.”

For this reason, the President of SYRIZA PS emphasized that “we have a promise to make for the next day, which we know will be difficult: To bring Justice back to the place, to stop scandalous inequalities, favoritism, the client state, the bribery and the meritocracy”. “That’s the only promise they want us to make because we don’t owe anyone.”

At the same time, especially for the prefecture of Fokida, Mr. Tsipras called on the citizens to make a commitment that “in the elections that will come sooner or later, whether Mr. Mitsotakis wants it or not, Fokida will produce a progressive MP”. “To get an MP from the Left again. To win in Fokida, to win in all of Greece. Let this nightmare end,” he noted characteristically.

“New way of Mitsotakis to deal with fires”

Regarding the “very great destruction” caused by the fire in the area that burned “the historic olive grove in the Delphic landscape”, Mr. Tsipras accused that “the new way invented by Mr. Mitsotakis to deal with the fires is not to strengthen the Civil Protection, but to stop the channels from showing that there are fires”.

He emphasized, however, that “the people who have seen their livelihoods destroyed, the olive producers, need substantial support”, explaining that after the disasters they will have no income for many years.

Mr. Tsipras underlined that this support is necessary “especially in the days of this terrifying pressure that society is under, we must stand by them, as well as by the weakest”.

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