Androulakis-KINAL: “Unity and renewal for a party of credibility in the new era”


Nikos Androulakis tonight in his keynote speech in Gazi, expressed his confidence that the base of the Movement for Change will give a clear message of renewal, political autonomy and unity in the elections on December 5 and 12.

To the gathered supporters of his candidacy, Mr. Androulakis posed as a dilemma of the internal party elections, “whether we will proceed with the renewal or recycling of one of the same”.

Mr. Androulakis argued that the renewal he advocates will be based on a new political ethos, “without remaining screwed in the chairs.” He promised that he would try to make PASOK a big and strong party again. “You will be proud of your choice, and as I told you in 2017, I will not disappoint you,” he said to applause.

He stated that he seeks the PASOK-Movement for Change, to be the credibility of the new era. A party, as he said, that will be different, open, organized, with rules of operation from the bottom to the top. He stated that his door is closed for those who left and became janissaries in ND and SYRIZA, but open for the fighters of the faction, whom he called to return. “A progressive realistic party with a vision for the homeland,” he noted.

The candidate for the leadership of the Movement for Change, referring to the unit, stated that he was and is always present, nor did he leave the party, although he had to apologize for decisions and mistakes, in which he had no participation. “The history of the faction is not divided. It is one with our pros and cons. “Fofi Gennimata left this legacy of unity and I am determined to keep it high”, stressed Nikos Androulakis. “Together we will grow the party,” he added.

Regarding political autonomy, he made it clear that he is not looking sideways, neither towards ND, nor towards SYRIZA. “Neither with the elitists of ND, nor with the populists of SYRIZA”, he underlined characteristically. He added that “we will again become a party of power and not an additional crutch of anyone”.

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