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SYRIZA for Dimitriadis – Kontoleon: “WaterGate Mitsotakis – illegal and anti-democratic diversion”


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“Unprecedented since the Postcolonization and after, Mr. Mitsotakis will be held accountable” says SYRIZA

For “WaterGate Mitsotakis”, and for criminal responsibilities, he speaks in a statement by SYRIZA on the occasion of his resignations Grigoris Dimitriadis and Panagiotis Condoleontos. In fact, the official opposition says about the surveillance that “Mr. Mitsotakis will be held accountable for the illegal and anti-democratic deviation, unprecedented since the Post-Revolutionary period”.

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“The resignations of Dimitriadis and Kontoleon constitute an admission of guilt by Mr. Mitsotakis for his own WaterGate, the scandal of illegal surveillance of political opponents and disturbing journalists. The Maximos regime was caught red-handed and the head of the regime, Mr. Mitsotakis, apparently not only knew, but is the orchestrator of the wiretapping,” says Koumoundourou in a statement.

“Now he is trying to save himself by sacrificing his closest and most trusted associates. His right-hand man, his nephew and Secretary of the Prime Minister, Mr. Dimitriadis and the head of the EYP, Mr. Kontoleon, for whom the legislative framework was changed in order to put him in his position, as he did not meet the criteria of the law.”

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“The resignations of both, however, are also an admission that what the government and the government representative, Mr. Oikonomou, said for so many months, were gross lies. Even what Mr. Kontoleon, Pierrakakis and Gerapetritis said to the Institutions and Transparency Committee just a week ago” notes the official opposition.

“As for the ridiculous leaks of Megaros Maximos trying to shift the discussion from the illegal Predator software to supposedly legal EYP surveillance and a ‘toxic climate’, they do not absolve anyone of their responsibilities. And these are not only policies, but probably also criminal”.

“However, we assure Mr. Mitsotakis that nothing will be left in the dark. Everything will be investigated to the end and he will be held accountable for the illegal and anti-democratic diversion he attempted in order to set up his regime, unprecedented since the Post-colonial period. Regimes, however, usually fall with a wave”, concludes SYRIZA.

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