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Androulakis: Immediately set up an inquiry committee to investigate political responsibilities


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“I never expected the Greek Government to monitor me with the darkest practices,” says the president of PASOK

The immediate establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate political responsibilities in the wiretapping case was requested by Nikos Androulakis after the resignations of the president of EYP and the general secretary of the prime minister.

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“10 days ago I filed a complaint with the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court for the attempted interception of my mobile phone according to the documents of the competent service of the European Parliament. All these days the government and Maximos have systematically tried to downplay the issue with heaps of publications and false news, even from the Government Spokesperson” said the president of PASOK – Movement for Change.

“Today, after all this, the prime minister’s closest associate, as well as the Governor of the EYP, resigns. The veil of silence and discredit with which they tried to cover such a serious case is collapsing.”

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According to Mr. Androulakis, “it is unacceptable, in a European democracy, for it to be revealed that apart from the attempt to trap my mobile phone with the Predator in September 2021, after the announcement of my candidacy, today we learn that the EYP, which reports directly to the Prime Minister, proceeded to monitor me, during the internal election process for the leadership of PASOK”.

“Is all this a coincidence Mr. Mitsotakis? For 8 years in the European Parliament I fought with all my strength for the national interests of our country. I never expected the Greek Government to follow me with the darkest practices” says the president of PASOK.

“All this proves that Mr. Mitsotakis and his government are exposing the country internationally. The Hellenic Parliament must proceed immediately with the establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate political responsibilities”.

“I will not allow anyone to instrumentalize this major issue that touches the core of the functioning of institutions and democracy in our country. It is our democratic duty to protect the human rights and freedoms of Greek citizens. Today is the time of truth and Justice for those whose arrogance and sense of impunity makes them capable of anything” concludes Mr. Androulakis.

According to government sources, the government tried to contact Nikos Androulakis by phone through the Minister of State George Gerapetritis, but he did not respond.

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