Final result – KINAL elections: Androulakis first – With Papandreou in the second round


Nikos Androulakis and George Papandreou are claiming the presidency of KINAL in the second round of the internal party elections.

As the integration has exceeded 90%, Nikos Androulakis takes the first place in the electoral race and will finally claim the presidency again in the second round of the electoral process, on Sunday 12/12 together with George Papandreou who came second in votes.

Andreas Loverdos came third in the vote.

More specifically, as 90% of the votes have been counted, the result in the first round of the internal party elections for the leadership in KINAL is now almost final.

The ranking order has not changed.

Nikos Androulakis is first with 37.11%, George Papandreou second with 27.6% and Andreas Loverdos third with 26.6%. Messrs. Christidis, Kastanidis, Geroulanos collected about 3%.

Nikos Androulakis dominated southern Greece -including Crete-, dominating northern and central Greece.

George Papandreou won in western Greece. In Attica, Andreas Loverdos won the majority.

Total mobilization

The polls closed shortly after 8 pm while, by decision of EDEKAP, the voting was extended in some polling stations in Athens, Thessaloniki and other large cities as there were long queues of those who wanted to vote and could not be excluded from the voting. .

According to the final estimates, the turnout reached approximately 276,000 people, far exceeding the 212,000 people who participated in the previous election process of 2017.

The Movement for Change is pleased with the response of the people who actively participated in the process of electing a new president, rushing to vote.

The large turnout of citizens to vote even led to the decision for a “silent extension” in some polling stations where crowds prevailed.

This means that although there was no decision to extend the time during which interested citizens could go to the polls, however, in polling stations where people were still in line and after 20:00, they were able to vote normally.

In any case, this possibility was strictly valid for polling stations where there is a crowd.

The statements

The winner of the first round of the internal party elections for the leadership of KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, stressed that “the Democratic Party is returning, PASOK is returning” and pledged to keep the mandate of the base for autonomy, unity and renewal.

“My strength is the basis of the faction”, said Mr. Androulakis. He thanked his fellow candidates for the civilized struggle and the 270,000 citizens who voted.

This Sunday we achieved the goal of mobilizing a large number of progressive citizens en masse. The citizens who honored us today, next Sunday decide on the future of the party, said George Papandreou on the sidelines of the results of the first round of the electoral contest for the presidency of KINAL.

Mr. Papandreou thanked all those who participated in the process and called for participation in the battle next Sunday.
“This Sunday we achieved the goal of massively mobilizing a large number of progressive citizens, next Sunday the citizens who honored us today with their majestic participation decide the fate of the party and her progressive identity thank you all for participating and I invite you to next Sunday’s battle, “he said.

“I continue strong with modesty and unity,” said Andreas Loverdos after the result was finalized in the internal party elections for the leadership of the Movement for Change.

Mr. Loverdos did not want to answer when asked what he will do in the second round. He assured that “the democratic faction – PASOK – has a future”

He thanked the “hundreds of thousands of people who took part in the celebration of democracy”, adding that “I apologize for the long wait for them to vote”.

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