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Angry response of Theodorikakos to Soilos: Sad and provocative lies about Lavrio


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Turkey’s interior minister claimed that a “terrorist trained in Lavrio” had been arrested in Turkey.

Sad and provocative lies to the detriment of Greece, the Minister of Citizen Protection characterized,Takis Theodorikakos, the statements of the Minister of the Interior of Turkey, Suleiman Soyluabout the arrest of a “terrorist” who had been trained in Greece, specifically in Lavrio.

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“Turkish provocation has exceeded all limits of extreme rhetoric”, emphasized Mr. Theodorikakos, during the handover ceremony to the new general secretary of Public Order Michalis Karamalaki from the originator Konstantinos Tsouvalas.

“At a time when Turkey continues to instrumentalize the human suffering of irregular migrants, using it as a constant lever of threat to all of Europe, its Minister of the Interior repeats yesterday his well-known sad and provocative lies against Greece. Everyone realizes that they have nothing to do with reality. Everyone knows that Greece is today an international and reliable force in the faithful and decisive application of international law, and everyone knows that we Greeks are absolutely united in respecting our borders, our international obligations but also of human life itself”said the Minister of Citizen Protection.

What Soylu said and Yeni Safak’s article

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Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, announced that a “terrorist” had been arrested, trained in Greece, specifically in Lavrio. According to Soylou, the man in question had a plan for bomb attacks against Turkey. The issue occupied today’s Turkish press, with the newspaper Yeni Safak writing on its front page “The corridors of terrorism of Greece”.


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