SYRIZA: Mitsotakis isolated and without answers


SYRIZA emphasized that Kyriakos Mitsotakis did not rule out surveillance of Mr. Spirtzis by the EYP in addition to Predator.

“Isolated and without answers, Mitsotakis, after the wiretapping of the phones, is also planning to wiretapping parliamentarians” commented SYRIZA-PS on the sidelines of the Prime Minister’s press conference in the context of the 86th TIF in Vellideio, stressing that Kyriakos Mitsotakis did not rule out surveillance of Mr. Spirtzis and from EYP except Predator.

The announcement in detail

In complete isolation, Mr. Mitsotakis starred today in a bad show of state that refers to God’s mercy regimes of monarchs. In a crescendo of arrogance, the wiretapping mastermind dared to say that she was a “deep democrat” for allowing journalists to go to the TIF. Even from the few questions allowed into the major wiretapping scandal, he made it worse:

– He avoided answering and denying that Mr. Spirtzis, in addition to the Predator, may also be monitored by the EYP
– He confirmed that he is coordinating the cover-up operation behind the so-called “secrecy”, disagreeing with all the constitutional experts and even with the parliamentarians of the ND.
– He continued his slippery slope, leaving suspicions of internal enemies and underdogs, saying that national security is endangered by those in positions of responsibility “and not by greengrocers”, lest he justify the surveillance of his political opponents and journalists.

In the dilemma “Mitsotakis or chaos” that he tried to pass, he gave the answer himself. Mr. Mitsotakis is causing chaos through his unprecedented isolation. Speaking of “self-reliant government but not one-party” he confessed not only that he is afraid of the progressive government, but also that it is the only factor of political instability. Completely isolated, without any alliance, he announced the only real monstrosity: that his intention is after the wiretapping and to proceed with post-election wiretapping of MPs of other parties in order to form a government.

Otherwise, he again hid behind Russia for the precision explosion, to hide his responsibilities from the violent de-lignitization, the privatization of PPC and DEDDIE in the midst of an energy crisis, and the negative record of inflation and fuel prices. What Mr. Mitsotakis said does not concern the citizens, who will be faced with an even greater bleeding of their incomes.

Finally, he audaciously admitted that the pension increases he advertises have been legislated since 2017 by SYRIZA.
Today the citizens saw for the last time Mr. Mitsotakis as Prime Minister at the TIF. And that is the only positive message from today.

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