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Androulakis testified to the prosecutor: Privacy cannot be a la carte


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The president of PASOK testified to the public prosecutor on the subject of his monitoring and filed a supplementary indictment for the interception of his conversations by the EYP

Its president PASOK-Movement for Change Mr. Nikos Androulakis testified today before the First Instance Prosecutor Mr. Spyropoulos in the context of his indictment from 26.7.2022 for the case of trapping his phone with the illegal Predator software. The Prosecutor came to the office of Mr. Androulakis for the deposition due to his post-operative condition, as is provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

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The president of PASOK-Movement for Change, immediately after his oral testimony, filed a supplementary complaint with the Prosecutor in relation to the interception of his telephone conversations by the EYP, for the criminal offense of violating the security of telephone communications and related offenses , as well as for the misdemeanor violation of his telephone privacy

The supplementary report of Nikos Androulakis is also accompanied by specific requests to call witnesses, seize documents and carry out a series of specific investigative actions to verify the truth.

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The case is now in the hands of Justice, which is sure to do its duty and use all the means expressly provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure, in order to reach the truth, which some have tried in vain for weeks to hide. Because our rule of law does not mean the existence of state services, which operate outside the control of the law.

The following is a written statement by Mr. Nikos Androulakis:

From the first moment I chose the institutional path to reveal the truth, as it is a matter of democracy, and I will persist.

As has been clearly seen, the Government and the Prime Minister insist on the cover-up.

Privacy cannot be a la carte and only be invoked when it concerns the case of my own illegal monitoring by the EYP so that those involved do not provide any information. It is indicative that Governors of the EYP of previous periods, who were called to the examination committee, were not fortified behind secrecy. Could it be that privacy is finally being used as it suits New Democracy?

Although Mr. Mitsotakis has the possibility based on article 14 par. 4 of Law 3649/2008 to lift the secrecy for his subordinates, he refuses to contribute in any way so that the shadows go away.

The case is now in the hands of Justice.

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