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Vassilis Kikilias: Greece gets the seal of the Michelin guide


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“Many tourists, worldwide, travel just for this reason, for the tasting” said from Paris where he is, the Minister of Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism Vassilis mentioned this year’s impressive levels of travel revenue, the vote of confidence of French travelers in our country, but also the success of the EOT to include Greece in the Michelin Guide Kikilias in an interview he gave to ERT and to journalists Kostas Papachliminzo and Christina Vidou.

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The Minister of Tourism, from Paris where he is for the International Exhibition IFTM-Top Resa 2022, he emphasized that the agreements that began to be built last year in the autumn have borne fruit and will continue to bear fruit in the context of the effort made to further upgrade the tourist product and an even greater extension of the tourist season .

“We came last year around this time to Paris, to the same leading European Exhibition, with the strategic objective of concluding strong agreements with the major French airlines – Air France and Transavia – and the tour operators, so as to bring more French travelers to the country , so more income. So this year from January to September 2022, 1.4 million French tourists have come to Greece, surpassing the record of 2019said Mr. Kikilias.

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He also added that the 50% more air seats that Air France provided for Greece this year compared to 2019, and the corresponding 60% increase from Transavia significantly upgrade the tourist product for the off season as well. As he said, “when large companies support the country so much by air, this is a vote of confidence. Tourism in Greece used to be only in July and August, I think that now the foundations are slowly being laid and we are making a serious effort, so that we have a sustainable tourist model throughout the year. And with Northern European retirees and also with digital nomads, who, too, have the possibility to travel in autumn and winter and it seems that they prefer our country. I see that the tourist season is expanding, we have significant income from tourism. They call me here the French tour operators that for September and October they have already put stop sales, that is, they have sold all their packages. So it makes sense now to fight for November. Let’s go step by step.”

Finally, the Minister of Tourism referred to the decisive agreement for Greek tourism, to include Greece in the Michelin Guide. “This morning there is a very big event with events in Paris and Athens. With Greek chef awards, with our culinary tourism and health shops in Athens and Attica now being advertised all over the world. I want to congratulate the EOT for this very important agreement. Many tourists, worldwide, travel just for this reason, for the tasting” said V. Kikilias.

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