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New Turkish threats: If the transfer of weapons to the islands continues, the tension will increase


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As reported by the SKAI correspondent, Manolis Kostidis, former head of the intelligence services of the General Staff of Turkey, said that “the US along with armored vehicles also sent air defense systems to the islands”.

New threats are unleashed from the Turkish side, with the newspaper Hurriyet to note in its article that Ankara has warned all sides that the tension in the region will increase, in case the transfer of weapons to the Greek islands continues.

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The visit of the Deputy Minister of National Defense Nikos Hardalia to the headquarters of units and surveillance posts of the Army and the Navy on Greek islands caused further irritation in Turkey.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidisformer head of the Turkish General Staff’s intelligence services told Haber Global that “the US along with armored vehicles also sent air defense systems to the islands.”

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Haber Global presenter Sagniour Tezel said: “The Greek Defense Minister did not stop. While the Greece-France exercise was taking place and Mitsotakis was challenging Turkey, Hardalias toured 10 islands”.

And he continued: “Look on a map, they have militarized the islands that are under our noses. Opposite us they have set up many American bases. This picture doesn’t explain much.”

And Ismail Haki Pekin, former head of the intelligence services of the Turkish General Staff said: “Yes, they are blocking and taking measures, they are doing it to block Turkey’s military action in the Aegean and Thrace. We see this, because together with the armored vehicles there, they also carry air defense systems.

» They have a three-front anti-aircraft system. The first line of air defense is the island front, in the eastern Aegean islands and the Dodecanese, immediately after is the air defense front in the rest of the Aegean islands and the third front is mainland Greece. They also have the Patriots there, they do this to block our aircraft. This is a rehearsal.”

Xthes, the Minister of Defense of Turkey, Hulusi Akar, was in favor of a peaceful resolution of the Greek-Turkish issues.

In his statements, he emphasized that Turkey is not a threat to anyone and argued that the Greek side is taking provocative actions, calling it a “bad neighbor” again.

He pointed arrows at the Greek leadership as well, claiming that “they did and always do these things to muddy the waters here, to upset things.”

Regarding the Aegean, he characteristically stated that it should be a “sea of ​​friendship”, but the “riches should be shared fairly”.

“We want to solve the problems through talks. Let them come to Turkey, let us go to Greece, let’s meet.”

“Unfortunately, Greece continues its provocative actions and rhetoric. Mainly some politicians, for their own internal calculations, have an aggressive attitude against Turkey” he also said and continued:

“We always say that we are in favor of solving the problems through talks in a peaceful way. Unfortunately now Greece is behaving like a bad neighbor. And every time unfortunately certain people, politicians, do this to muddy the waters and mix things up

» We want the Aegean to become a sea of ​​friendship and the wealth of the Aegean to be shared fairly and problems to be solved through talks in a peaceful way and methods. Each time we have told them that we are ready for talks. If they want, let them come to Turkey. If they want, let them invite us to go to Greece. Let’s meet to talk and solve these problems.”

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