Petsas in SKAI: The measures will not change during the holidays-The fine of 100 euros will be applied


“No additional measures are needed during the festivities, but their strict observance and some parametric measures or small changes that are taken in view of the festivities for open mixed spaces, as has been announced,” he said on SKAI TV and the show “SIMERA”. Deputy Minister of Interior Stelios Petsas.

As he explained, the course of vaccinations is good and we are going – as he said – in the direction we all want.

“To continue the vaccinations and the observance of the measures”, he stressed.

For those who are not vaccinated and the possibility of new measures in the new year, Mr. Petsas commented that the network of measures is balanced and effective.

Responding to the complaint of the president of POEDIN for VIP ICU, he characterized it as offensive to those who work and referred to the announcement of the Ministry of Health.

Regarding hospital admissions and deaths, he stressed that the hard indicators show that we have a pandemic for the unvaccinated. He added that “the battle of the third dose was won to cut the umbilical cord in vaccinated and unvaccinated”.

“The fine of 100 euros will normally be applied to those over 60 who are not vaccinated”, he clarified, stressing that we saw the data that this age group does not meet.

He reiterated that there would be no lockdown as it “delays what we have to do as a society and economy”.

Regarding the battle for the presidency in KINAL, Mr. Petsas said that it concerns everyone. “The change of leadership is like the change of coach in the team, there is also euphoria in the beginning. “There is no reason to go on euphoria.”

At the end of the four-year elections, he stressed. Regarding the simple analog, he said: “It is not a matter of government cooperation, the issue will be resolved with a double ballot box”

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