Tsipras in the SYRIZA Political Secretariat: Mitsotakis’ political choice and the absence of checks for filthy lucre


During his speech, the president of SYRIZA-PS argued, among other things, that the outgoing Mitsotakis is buying time to cover up the wiretapping scandal

For an “outgoing prime minister”, who has “no hope of re-election”, SYRIZA spoke during his introduction to the Political Secretariat, the Alexis Tsipras, including.

For the international situation and European developments:

The international situation is becoming more and more unfavorable. The war intensifies, with no prospect of a way out. And Europe moves awkwardly and is faced with its contradictions. Without a plan against the escalation of the conflict, with only the US winning. While at the same time the extreme right is gaining ground and government positions in important countries, such as Italy and Sweden.

The E.U. seems to lack a collective plan to deal with the crisis. Germany is blocking European solutions for a ceiling on the purchase price of natural gas and for joint borrowing for financing interventions to deal with the crisis, while internally following its own particularly generous policy.

And the battle of the progressive European forces for the issuance of common debt for the solidarity of the crisis, the difficult winter and energy costs, in all EU countries is crucial.

The only thing that all of Europe is converging on is the state’s return to energy to support society and businesses. All, except Greece where Mr. Mitsotakis decided to privatize PPC in the middle of the energy crisis. And that is why the dramatic results we are experiencing are not accidental.

To be exact and the energy crisis:

According to Eurostat data, Greece is the country with the most expensive electricity price in all of Europe (before taxes and subsidies). And this is due to the choice of Mitsotakis for PPC to become the protagonist of the scandal. And a year now to not take any measures to deal with it. The alleged abolition of the readjustment clause showed the result only in September we have a 450 million surplus.

Inflation has climbed to 12%. And in the market there is almost no price control. This is a matter of political choice. As a matter of political choice, it is the maintenance of a high rate of taxation on basic consumption products, as well as on fuel. This in practice makes it possible to prey mainly on the middle class but also on the lower classes, since they are mainly affected by indirect taxes, so as to make available resources for subsidies that actually go into the pockets of energy producers.

For Greek-Turkish:

The Mitsotakis government is proceeding with a lack of strategy in the face of Erdogan’s provocation. By changing the doctrine that the foreign policy of the country moved for decades. From a pillar of security and stability to an advanced outpost of the West and from an equal partner to a given ally that gives everything without asking for any guarantees for its own interests. And this policy brings dangerous developments and negative achievements.
Because the Turkish provocation is not met with words but with actions. And as long as Mr. Mitsotakis is simply content to say the obvious about the sovereignty of our islands at the Summits but does not even dare to raise the issue of sanctions if Turkey actually challenges our sovereign rights, Erdogan will be disheartened.

For internal political developments:

It is obvious that Mr. Mitsotakis, recognizing now that he is from the outside, that he has no hope of re-election, is anxious to gain time. As long as he can, hooked on the chair of power. Both to achieve the cover-up, the cover-up of the great surveillance scandal and to be able to control the distribution of most of the European resources, in terms of absolute opacity.

Faced with this choice of Mitsotakis to gain time, we must be vigilant but we must also make use of this time. To deepen party reconstruction. To prepare renewed and strong ballots everywhere. To organize social resistances to the brutality of government choices. To turn despair into struggle, anger into hope for change. It is up to us to achieve it and only in this way will we be able to bring political change an hour earlier despite the intentions of Mr. Mitsotakis and the interests that support him.

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