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Ministry of Digital Governance: Greece is changing with projects, not mud


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In a statement, the ministry responds to the head of Digital Governance of SYRIZA-PS, Mario Katsis, who spoke of a “party” of direct assignments to the Ministry on the occasion of the revelations of the Editors’ Journal

Abetting on the occasion of today’s announcement by the head of the Digital Governance department of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Mario Katsis, which is based on a report by the Editors’ Journal and concerns assignments from the Information Society SA, gave the Ministry of Digital Governance arguing that “Greece changes with projects, not with mud”.

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Specifically, the ministry states that “the Journal of Editors brings back an issue for which an answer has already been given recently to a question from its editor. As already highlighted, the direct assignments of the Ministry of Digital Governance constitute less than 2% of the total project budget of the Ministry and its supervised entities.

These assignments basically concern either platforms that constitute services, which are added daily to the Single Digital Portal with the aim of facilitating the citizen, or special needs of the Covid-19 era, which had to be implemented within a few weeks , such as the country’s vaccination platform. Especially for the last one, comments are unnecessary. The experience of every Greek and the lives saved thanks to Operation “Freedom” speak volumes. It is also self-evident that in all the procedures, without exception, the existing legislation, i.e. the law 4412/2016, which SYRIZA introduced, was strictly observed.

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For years, in Greece, the digital transformation was dramatically delayed. We received a country that counted a total of only 8.8 million digital transactions of citizens with the Greek State in 2018, a number that in 2022 will approach 1 billion. This is done through the major reform of and the 1471 services and related platforms that it so far includes, several of which are deliverables of the specific assignments. As any citizen can see, the annual performance in the number of digital transactions of 2018 today takes place in about four days.

Finally, on the political substance, the targeting of SYRIZA is clear: daily – now – mud in the fan with the aim of deliberately hindering the completion of a great project for the benefit of the citizens, this digital reform of the state. This is clearly an undermining method by the official opposition, in order to discredit the work of the Ministry of Digital Governance before the elections, a goal that is futile and doomed to fail. The experience of improving the service of every citizen is an experience of Greek society and a conquest of all Greeks regardless of political beliefs.

Against the constant, increasing and directed efforts of smearing we respond primarily with our work. There are those who build and those who tear down. We belong to the former, SYRIZA chose to belong to the latter.”

Katsis: The Ministry of Digital Governance is the “hen with the golden eggs” of the staff state

Earlier today, the head of Digital Governance of SYRIZA-PS, Marios Katsis spoke of a “party” of direct assignments to the Ministry of Digital Governance, on the occasion of the revelations of the Journal of Editors claiming that in three years it has awarded 475 contracts worth 26 million euros.

Specifically, he argued that “today’s revelations by the “Editors’ Journal” about the package of direct assignments and closed tenders of the MAE Information Society, which in a 3-year period has awarded 475 contracts amounting to €26m, is another tick in the €7.5bn which the Mitsotakis government has distributed through these procedures.

At a time when the citizens are suffering from precision and profiteering and the Mitsotakis government is citing fiscal reasons for not taking drastic measures to support society, they are watching in awe the project “digital transformation of old partisanship” directed by Mitsotakis-Pierrakakis.

The Ministry of Digital Governance and its supervised entities are the “hen with the golden eggs” of the staff state as it is the Ministry that spent almost its entire term, under an exemption from the rules of all written national and EU provisions on public contracts with 8 consecutive extensions of the covid PNP until 30/09/2022.

A lot has been collected: One is the EDYTE which gave €886,500 to the owner of the polling firm OpinionPoll to continue to see the Prime Minister as Moses, the other is the ELTA which with the backs of the Superfund fed the blue grasshoppers Patsis and Pitsikas so that they resalto in public funds, the other consulting company that officially created Greece 2.0 on behalf of the government, appears as the contractor of a €51.5m project that was auctioned by the Information Society and financed by the Recovery Fund, while the question of 41 SYRIZA MPs -Progressive Alliance remains unanswered.

The Mitsotakis regime with its practices endangers the prospect of the country to withstand the crisis with the society standing.

The citizens have understood the reason why the government refused the proposal of the President of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, to establish a cross-party committee of the Parliament to supervise the resources of the Recovery Fund with transparency and accountability. They are not interested in the recovery and resilience of the country but in serving friends and cronies with yurusi in public money.

The Minister of State and Digital Governance Mr. Pierrakakis owes answers and cannot hide behind leaks.”

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