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Cavusoglu out of touch: “It is said that Greece will attack Turkey – She has lost her mind”


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“Athens knows very well what it means to oppose Ankara,” Cavusoglu said defiantly.

On the non-existent issue of… Greece’s attack on Turkey(!) was installed in the morning the non-reality foreign minister of her neighbor Mevlut Cavusoglu…

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“Reports that Greece is preparing to attack Turkey mean that Athens has ‘lost its mind,'” the Turkish foreign minister said, according to the Turkish Anatoli news agency.

Greece is not “honest and honest” regarding the issues of the Aegean and the East Med pipeline, the Turkish foreign minister further claimed, adding that Athens is blocking the way to … justice.

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“Athens knows very well what they meanis opposing Ankara,” Cavusoglu said defiantly.

A change of rhetoric from Akar? What does (not) state now about the Aegean islands

In the meantime, the “black and white” for the islands is trying to do it again Hulusi Akar in his interview with the Miliet newspaper, as reported by Manolis Kostidis. However, SKAI’s correspondent in Istanbul makes a distinction possible change of rhetoric from Akar…

“In Greece, some members of the current political power enter the race of ‘what to do, what to say against Turkey’. The islands have a demilitarized status, they cannot be militarized according to articles 12 and 14 of the Lausanne and Paris agreements. This is very clear and straightforward. But Greece is militarizing these islands,” claims the Turkish Defense Minister.

“There are no 6 miles of territorial waters and 10 miles of airspace anywhere in the world, but Greece applies them that way. Nevertheless, we are the ones who say let’s sit down and talk. Greece gets others to speak on its behalf. We say, let’s sit down and talk to each other, to solve the problems,” he adds.

“Demilitarize the islands, don’t apply 10 miles to airspace so to speak!” says Hulusi Akar in other words.

However, as Manolis Kostidis recalls, 15 days ago he had told Milliet that conditions do not apply to islands. However, after the messages from the USA and other Western countries, it seems that there is no question of questioning the sovereignty of the islands due to “militarization”. “Demilitarize the islands” he declares, without continuing…

Whether the questioning of the treaties, that is, of Greek sovereignty, stops, will be seen in the coming days.

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