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Why Kyriakos Mitsotakis rules out the elections – What are the new proposals he accepts


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The argument of those who believe that a direct appeal to the popular verdict will be a way out is based on the fact that a revulsion has already been caused in the citizens by everything that is being heard and the mud in the fan more and more will leave behind

By Antonis Anzoletou

The election thermometer has been rising dangerously since the weekend. The report of Documento newspaper monopolizes domestic political news with New Democracy and SYRIZA raising their voices a lot. The surveillance of ministers, their relatives, journalists and businessmen who are reported is a very serious issue and no one denies that they should be investigated if they are valid so that ample light can be shed. Maximos characterizes from the first moment the publication unsubstantiated, adding that an attempt to slander the prime minister is underway.

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SYRIZA accuses Kyriakos Mitsotakis of obstructing the investigation to clear up the case by excluding key witnesses who never testified before the Commission of Inquiry. And they talk about a case that touches the “heart” of Megaros Maximos.

Could this toxic cloud that has spread over political life be diluted through a more direct appeal to the polls? The question comes up again and according to information there are new suggestions to Kyriakos Mitsotakis so that he does not wait until spring or the end of it. The argument of those who believe that a direct appeal to the popular verdict will be a way out is based on the fact that a revulsion has already been caused to the citizens by everything that is heard and the mud on the fan, even if no evidence of illegal surveillance is presented, everything will leave something behind her. They also believe that elections will clarify the landscape, while arguing that New Democracy has nothing to fear as it enjoys the trust of society to manage the major challenges of the energy crisis.

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Such as it was also seen from his interview with ANT1 the prime minister has not changed his position and wants the elections to be held on time. “Elections will be held as I have promised at the end of the four years. Personally, I am not going to be dragged into political developments by some professional extortionists who want to pursue exactly that. The country has a Constitution, the government enjoys the confidence of the Parliament, if anyone questions this, he does not have to go to the Parliament and ask the Parliament to withdraw the confidence in my person. In this case we would definitely go to elections and from then on we all have to do what we need to do to shed light on this case”.

Everything the prime minister mentioned does not rule out the possibility that the polls will be held a little earlier than planned. It is estimated that from the moment he enters 2023, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will be more flexible in defining the date, considering the possibility that he will not arrive until the end of spring. The information states that before the latest developments, the proposal to hold the elections at the latest by the beginning of March or even in the middle of the winter had fallen on the table. Without, however, there being any change in the basic plans.

With these facts, the pressure from SYRIZA both in the field of the economy and on the case of wiretapping will continue. In Koumoundourou they consider that cumulative, along with the deeds of the former MP of New Democracy, Andreas Patsis, the damages suffered by the majority can no longer be collected. Indicative was Alexis Tsipras’ move to resubmit the current question to the prime minister about the surveillance case on the grounds that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has no excuse not to answer. The official leader of the opposition wants to know “if the 33 on the list that are said to be targets of the malicious predator software were on the official link of the EYP”.

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