“MAM”, the farmer with many children from Pella who sweeps on TikTok with her recipes, was met by the prime minister


The 39-year-old mother of four informed the prime minister about what motivated her to “recommend” the products of her country, as well as recipes from her place of origin to the general public, through TikTok.

Her a peasant woman with many children from Axos village in Pella, Anastasia Kalalidouwhich did not hesitate to innovate, not only in terms of production, but also in terms of promoting traditional products and recipes in society, met the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Thessaloniki.

The 39-year-old mother of four informed the prime minister about what motivated her to “recommend” the products of her country, as well as recipes from her place of origin to the general public, through the popular platform “TikTok”, where the relevant videos posts have attracted thousands of social media users.

“He asked me how this idea started and I said that I was motivated by the fact that traders were taking our fruit at a low price and mainly that a lot of it was left unexploited if it did not meet the specifications of its category in terms of size. For example a large peach should weigh 300 grams to belong to class 3A, a 100 gram peach they didn’t want, but the smaller the fruit, the tastier and juicier it is. I started trying to process these products that were left unused and social media helped me promote my work, showing my recipes, giving ideas, cooking secrets. He asked me how I learned to cook and I replied that my origin is Cappadocian and it is imperative that I know how to cook,” said Mrs. Kalalidou to APE-MBE, who offered the prime minister spoon sweets and jams produced by her.

Who is MAM?

Early in the morning, before the sun begins to rise, the wood oven is lit and illuminates the yard of the house of 39-year-old Anastasia Kalalidou, in the village of Axos Giannitsa. Mother of four children, 39 years old prepares to bake the handmade traditional bread, placing it on the fired stone so that when it is baked, the neighborhood will smell of musk! The whole process, from the leaven and ingredients to the kneading and the result after baking, with the golden color on the loaf, is captured on video.

The short video recording is uploaded to TikTok, where the farmer with many children, although a new entrant to the popular platform, in just two months has managed to attract the attention of users, with the video of her spoon dessert having more than 270,000 views.

Anastasia Kalalidou’s TikTok username is “H…MAM”which was inspired by “what are we going to eat mom?”, a question she herself has heard countless times while raising four children, who now range in age from ten to 21.

“Through TikTok I present the recipe exactly as I do it for the family table and I want those who watch me to be able to cook it with simple pure ingredients” explains the 39-year-old, speaking to the radio station of the Athenian/Macedonian News Agency “Agency 104.9 FM”. She confesses, in fact, that she enjoys the video recording and the result, as her recipes travel, in this way, all over the world.

Her involvement with TikTok came when the neighbor who usually tries her dishes first, gave her the “germ”. Of course, there were not a few other relatives and friends to whom she gave almost daily instructions on how to make her food and sweets, who urged her to find a way to make them known to the general public.

“I kept hearing people tell me: ‘Tasula, make a dessert and make a video so we can watch it and copy the steps’ and that’s how TikTok entered my life and this communication with the world gives me joy”, he says characteristics.

Her first TikTok recipe was baklava and, as she says, her leaf with the syrup was deified, since even she couldn’t believe how many people saw it through their screens and copied it.

On the other hand, the most recently uploaded video with the Farsalon halva exceeded 40,000 views within a few hours. The 39-year-old farmer’s followers on TikTok often ask her questions, asking for even more detailed information about her recipes, and she answers them all and shares her “secrets”.

@h…mam #χαλβαςφαρσαλων #ελλινικογλικό #ελλαδαρα🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 #fy #fyp #sweet #greecetiktok #greece🇬🇷 ♬ original sound – H…MAM

She herself, in both her savory and sweet preparations, always bases herself on the seasonality of the ingredients, since her basic philosophy is from the field to the table. Currently, when in her area there is production of kiwis and persimmons, she makes jam and spoon sweets from these fruits. “Ever since I was little, nutrition has played an important role in my life. I am a Cappadocian, we are considered gourmets par excellence. Today’s times have turned 180 degrees in our diet and we are looking for fast food, which we do not condemn, but I really want to help those who love cooking to do it with simple, pure and of course economical ingredients” he explains.

The farmer’s fame has also reached the other side of the earth with her relatives and friends in Australia sharing the recipes and making her known to an even larger audience. One of the recipes they loved and is one of her most popular are donuts…but Greek. “Beach donuts loved by young and old can be delicious and very nutritious. I made them in my own way, it’s more Greek, with a little water, no milk, with yeast, a little sugar, oil, and of course the main ingredient in everything I do is love and patience,” notes the 39-year-old.

In the next period, the farmer “TikToker” will move on to her next step, which is in the company of her good friend the farmer and producer from Agioneri Kilkis Panagiotis Yiltidis, to collect Cappadocia recipes and publish them in a cookbook.

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