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“These are not the actions of an ally”: Menendez against Turkey for the attacks in Syria – Iraq


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The Democratic senator warns that the Turkish military operations ordered by Tayyip Erdogan threaten to undermine the fight against the Islamic State.

The senator succeeds against Ankara Bob Menendez for its attacks in Syria and Iraq. “These are not the actions of an ally,” the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee said in his tweet.

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Democratic senator warns Turkish military operations ordered by Tayyip Erdogan threaten to undermine the battle against the Islamic State.

“Turkey’s airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, including against US partner forces in the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), have already killed civilians and destroyed critical urban infrastructure while threatening to undermine the fight against Islamic State. These are not allied actions” the senator specifically mentions in his tweet, quoting a NYT article that mentions dozens of deaths from the Turkish attacks on Kurds.

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A Turkish drone strike against a joint base of Kurdish forces and the international anti-jihadist coalition in northeastern Syria has put American soldiers at risk, the US military’s joint Middle East command said today. CENTCOM (“central Command”).

The Turkish army has been launching airstrikes against Kurdish fighters since Sunday Syria.

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