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New Turkish delirium with shots and insulting designations anyway from Omer Celik


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The ruling party spokesman also said Greece was behaving “ungratefully”

By Penelope Galliou

The escalating Turkish reaction of the last days to the new armoring and strengthening movements of Athens in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Greek-Egyptian agreement, have led the leadership of the neighbor to a new anti-Hellenic delirium.

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The role of the aggressor was taken this time by the representative of the Erdoğan party, Omer Celikwith highly offensive characterizations both for the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs but also for our country.

The reason is Greece’s international relations, culminating in the recent agreement with Egypt, which puts a brake on Ankara’s appetites and illegal plans in the Mediterranean, with the promulgated Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

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Ankara’s irritation is so evident that Mr. Celik referred to the aforementioned visit of Nikos Dendias to Cairo, “solely to sign an agreement against Turkey and against the Turkish-Libyan memorandum” as he claimed, even characterizing “legal” the Ankara-Tripoli agreement.

The Turkish official also included Tayyip Erdoğan, with whom – as he said – he bet on the visit of Nikos Dendias to Egypt. “We made a joke between us – said the representative of the AKP – When our President shook hands with the Egyptian President, we said: “Dendias will go there tomorrow morning. And indeed it happened. Now, they are on alert,” he said. He also claimed that if there is normalization between Turkey and Egypt, Greece fears that the illegal steps it has taken will be in vain and will have no effect, just as they did not in Libya.

Erdogan’s representative also tried to show Turkish diplomacy and Ankara’s international relations as extremely energetic and continuing the mocking comments added: “If Mitsotakis and Dendias run to countries where Turkey is trying to improve relations or has improved them, to know that we will take such steps, that Mitsotakis and Dendias will take walks in the air and will not even be able to land in these countries”.

And while for a long time Ankara has been experiencing the Greek vigilance and preparedness and the internationalization of its provocation by the Greek political leadership and diplomacy, Omer Celik appeared so irritated by rushing to the conclusion that the Greek foreign policy is ineffective “this is “Tsandiri foreign policy. It is completely anti-Turkish, anti-Erdogan, and the language they use is in no way respectful,” he claimed.

Greece is neither intimidated nor blackmailed

The Greek side, which out of position avoids commenting on the regular Turkish arguments, declares in all tones that Greece has ensured that its foreign and defense policy is such that it shields its sovereign rights and national interests . As expert government sources commented, the policy chosen by Athens protects us from being trapped in painful dilemmas at the last moment, it is a policy that has led us to strong alliances with effective deterrent power, it is a policy that our country has led us to to “be a country that can neither be intimidated, nor threatened, nor blackmailed”.

Celik is a raging bull and with Greece’s allies

After the slap from the European Parliament, which with its resolution condemned and called for the annulment of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, even the European partners were not spared from Omer Celik’s arrows, characterizing Greece as a “spoilt child” and a “trouble” for Europe and warned Athens that he is not going to solve the problems like this, unless he sits at the table with Turkey.

The representative of the ruling party also said that Greece is behaving “ungratefully” because it was Turkey – as he said – that allowed it to return to NATO, while he repeated his non-existent accusations that terrorist organizations against Turkey are allegedly camped in Greece.

The US and France were also targeted by Celik, placing them also in the list of countries that allegedly support terrorists. “We can give more examples of such allies of ours. We know which of our allies are supporting terrorist organizations in Syria, we know which of our NATO allies are training them in Syria, we know which cement industry, which has relations with an ally country in NATO (including France), goes and builds outposts and headquarters there. But we don’t want to give information about them,” he noted.

It was preceded a few hours before by the State Department’s stern warning to Turkey that the activation of the S-400 and the supply of weapon systems by Russia is not consistent with its commitments to NATO and will lead to new sanctions.

“Our position on the S-400 system has not changed: the Russian S-400s are incompatible with NATO equipment, threaten the security of NATO technology and are inconsistent with Turkey’s commitments as a NATO ally. Any such transactions could be subject to sanctions in addition to those already imposed,” the US side warned.

For Turkey, however, and with its air fleet almost immobilized due to a lack of spare parts, analysts recommend the widespread use of S-400 as an antidote to air defense gaps. “It seems that due to the S-400, wear and tear will be caused to the fleet of the Turkish Air Force. Let’s use it fully with all systems because it is the only real anti-aircraft that Turkey has,” said a Turkish analyst.

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