Androulakis: A powerful command to have a power of real hope

Androulakis: A powerful command to have a power of real hope

“We have other values ​​and a different program. We are three different parties”, answered the president of PASOK to a question about post-election cooperation

A strong mandate to PASOK was requested by Nikos Androulakisspeaking at the opening ceremony of the party’s offices in Rethymno, Crete.

“We continue our effort throughout Greece to overturn a political association between New Democracy and SYRIZA, which is barren and fruitless. A toxic climate of conflict and no culture of healthy public dialogue on all major issues concerning Greek society, such as the economy, inequalities, the energy crisis”, stressed the president of PASOK and continued:

“On the opposite bank are we, the democratic faction, who with our proposals for a ceiling on the retail price of electricity, for a fair green transition that will make it possible for farmers and ranchers to form energy communities in order to ensure their production costs and are not in a hopeless situation today, with proposals for a new EKAS for low-pensioners, an increase in the minimum wage, a reduction in VAT on basic goods, we are trying in an effective way to give opportunities to all Greek women and men and to answer the great challenge of the time, which are social inequalities and the country’s demographic problem.

And here from Rethymno I want to ask the Greek people in the next national elections to give us a strong mandate so that PASOK returns as a protagonist again so that there is a force of real hope and not the populism of SYRIZA and the elitism of New Democracy to condemn the country to remain behind”.

In a question about the post-election partnershipsthe President of PASOK-Movement for Change noted:

“I don’t hold a measuring tape. I don’t measure distances. We have different values ​​and a different program. We are three different parties. I believe that this party with its historical and social roots throughout Greece and especially here in Crete, can come back powerfully so that the Greek people can turn the page. He deserves more than what Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsipras offered him as Prime Ministers.”

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