“Mra de fer” Mitsotakis-Tsipras in the Parliament regarding the surveillance

“Mra de fer” Mitsotakis-Tsipras in the Parliament regarding the surveillance

A “hot” political week begins as the EYP bill is introduced to the Plenary Session of the Parliament

By Penelope Galliou

An “explosive” political week begins, with the early pre-election battles being transferred to the Parliament and all parties taking positions of readiness. Milon of Eris for another parliamentary procedure the bill for the institutional shielding of the EYP, which is already being processed by the competent parliamentary committee and next Thursday, December 8, it will be introduced for discussion in the Plenary of the Parliament.

A meeting which is expected to have clearly conflicting characteristics, as there MPs and citizens will be able to watch the first “live” bra de fer of the prime minister and the official opposition leader on the case of surveillance. An appointment that has been given by the government side in response to the repeated calls of SYRIZA for the Prime Minister to answer the Parliament on the wiretapping case.

“For malicious software, a modern framework was submitted to the Parliament that makes their use, utilization and production universally illegal within the Greek territory, bringing back legal provisions that had been abolished by the previous government. First, we do not want any shadow to remain in this case. In these cases, what is the role of a government? To do Poirot or Iaveris or institutionally trust the tools and structures of the state? The prime minister next Thursday during the discussion of the bill on the abolition of malicious software and the changes to the EYP, will be in the Parliament, he will answer everything and take a position on the matter as a whole” the government spokesman announced.

Government officials estimate that the Alexis Tsipras will attempt to set up a “hard rock” scene in the Parliament, as he has already given evidence of his intentions with repeated personal attacks against him Kyriakou Mitsotakis and its targeting. On the contrary, the Prime Minister, for his part, appears to be insisting on his and his government’s institutional stance, putting forward exactly the institutional initiatives that were taken immediately, such as the clarification of the case by the Justice as well as the legislative initiative that he will take in a short period of time “flesh and bones” and will become a law of the state that will shield the country from all kinds of illegal and malicious software and seeks to ensure the necessary balance between the protection of privacy and national security, within the constitutional framework and on the basis of the best international practices, as emphasized by the Ministry of Justice.

Outside Parliament, however, the political confrontation over the case of surveillance was once again maintained by the newspaper’s fifth publication in a row “Documento” which presented yet another “episode” in the series about watched persons, adding – this time – to the alleged lists, the military leadership of the country.

Publication which the government representative he called it a parody and non-existent and speaking on SKAI TV he emphasized: “An argumentation, which lacks foundation and evidence, the more it is fiction. Against this issue, the government from the first moment, seriously, clearly, has said that the judiciary must do its job, it is required that the judiciary quickly shed a lot of light on this case and the government institutionally with the arrangements that last week this will be voted on in the Parliament, it comes to face a series of very serious pathologies” commented the Giannis Oikonomou.

THE SYRIZA for his part, he insists on keeping the tone high, calling on the government to answer whether it is true that the leadership of the armed forces was under surveillance. “Mr. Mitsotakis, as head of the EYP, must immediately give clear answers: Were the officials whose sole task is the defense of the country against foreign plots really under surveillance? And if so, what is the national reason?” asks Koumoundourou in a statement she issued.

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