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The Iranian regime is abolishing the morality police, but the river of protests is still sweeping


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Three months after the death of Makhsa Amini, the country is still shaken by mass protests with dozens dead and thousands arrested

By Athena Papakosta

Iran’s “morality” police, which enforced the country’s Islamic dress code, are being abolished, according to the attorney general. Mohammad Jafar Montazeri. “What the attorney general said is that the institution itself, which created the morality police, has decided to close it down without specifying whether this will be permanent and who will now enforce the mandatory dress code,” Al Jazeera’s correspondent said. in Tehran. Earlier, the attorney general had announced that the authorities they are also considering revising the headscarf law which has been in force since 1983 and requires women – Iranian and non-Iranian – to cover their hair, neck and shoulders in all public places.

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Iran has been rocked by massive, bloody protests for three months. The catalyst for their outbreak was the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16, three days after her arrest by Gast-e-Ershad, that is, by the religious morals police, because she was not wearing her headscarf properly.

If Iran’s moral police are indeed abolished, after two decades of action, no one can vouch for the sincerity of the Islamic republic’s regime’s intentions. Moreover, no one can say that the 1983 law mandating the wearing of the hijab under the guise of Sharia law is being repealed. And at the same time, no one can answer with certainty that the protests in the country will stop. Observers speak more of an attempt to appease the anger of the Iranian people without, however, the regime actually putting water in its wine.

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Iranian citizens speaking to foreign news networks reiterate that Iran has no future with this government in power. For them her death Mahsa Amini it was just the spark.

For at least 70 days now, the headscarf that is untied from the head and allows women’s hair to blow freely, has been a revolutionary act, an act of courage and resistance against the regime, an act in favor of female self-determination and self-evident female independence.

The burning hijabs in turn fuel popular anger, and as long as women cut their hair in protest of the basic human rights they lack in Iran, the country will continue to shake.

“We will see other citizens and from other factions, mild and conservative, taking to the streets to get women back their rights,” Irani told the BBC, which spoke to Iranian citizens.

Another woman emphasized that “What we have is a revolution. The hijab was only the beginning and we want nothing less than death for the dictator and regime change.”

Iranians have had their fill of decades of social and political oppression from the theocratic dictatorship of the mullahs. They demand change and nothing and no one stops them. Not even the least 470 dead from protests in these three months, not the at least 18,000 arrests and death sentences lurking.

The Iranians first threw away the veil themselves, defying the terrorism of the “morality police”, which only according to the attorney general is on its way to abolition. No one from the government and no one from parliament has confirmed that it is being abolished. On the contrary, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amirabdolakhian, from Serbia wherever he was, insisted that everything is going well in Iran and indeed within the framework of democracy and freedom that exists in the country… The only difference that can be found is the more conciliatory tone of the Media they have acquired recently. Still having a way to go, they now express a desire to address the problems of the Iranian people.

The resistance in Iran continues and today a new wave of anti-regime demonstrations is expected with new three-day strikes.

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