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“Hard rock” ND – SYRIZA against the background of the “battle” of the Parliament over surveillance


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Today and tomorrow the party staffs are on high alert, as they prepare for Thursday’s debate where the bill for changes to the EYP will be voted on.

By Antonis Anzoletou

Monitoring, accuracy, red loans and ballots includes the political “menu” this week. And the question remains: Will the pre-election period be longer or shorter than they are telling the government? At the last meeting of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, many executives estimated that from the moment he enters 2023, the prime minister can “press the election button” at any time. Even in January in order for the elections to take place in the last month of winter. PASOK has the same readiness and appreciation for this, after all, the two parties are preparing to announce within the month approximately 80% of the names that will be on their ballots. The government camp insists that they will get as close as possible to the end of the government’s constitutional term. For this reason, the majority of blue executives believe that the Sunday that Kyriakos Mitsotakis will finally choose to appeal to the popular verdict will be in May. It is also the month when the increase in the minimum wage will take place, while the time will have been given to the government to make further use of the fiscal space it has created.

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Already the government has started a “bra de fer” with the banks for the loans. She prepares a support plan, knowing that the issue is “hot”, it offers a pre-election conflict and she will find it in front of her. Almost the entire opposition focuses on real estate auctions, but also on funds that take advantage of the financial situation of more vulnerable social groups. And in a pre-election period when interest rate hikes by the ECB are accompanied by stagnation in deposit rates it is natural to produce a lot of “flammable political matter” that can explode.

Party staffs are on high alert today and tomorrow as they prepare for Thursday’s debate where the bill will be voted on for the changes in the EYP. Essentially, the process will turn into a pre-day debate with the spotlight on the party leaders. Alexis Tsipras’s move to visit Supreme Court prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos on Monday morning was highly political. He wants to increase the pressure on Maximos and lead the opposition bloc in the Plenary taking advantage of the absence of Nikos Androulakis. The majority declare absolute confidence in the ongoing judicial investigation and are very invested in the changes to the operation of the EYP that will be voted on on Thursday. They talk about enhancing transparency in the operation of secret services without limiting their operational capabilities. And because the former prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis, had rung a “bell” at the end of August from Anogia regarding the issue of surveillance, the placement of the “Karamanlian” Euripides Stylianides as the rapporteur of the bill did not go unnoticed.

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In the pre-election marathon that has begun, the tours of the political leaders have a central role. THE Kyriakos Mitsotakis it focuses on the projects that the government has done. It was found in the industrial area of ​​Tripoli and was mentioned in the Peloponnese development plan. He wants to shield his “castles” since in the 2019 elections in Arcadia, New Democracy beat SYRIZA by 12 points. THE Alexis Tsipras it follows a reverse course, and attempts to “blight” the “fortresses” of the blue faction. He has plowed through Macedonia and has been found successively in Serres, Pella, Kilkis, Florina and today in Kastoria. The Prespa Agreement cost the party and was one of the factors that contributed to the latest electoral defeat. From Northern Greece, only the prefecture of Xanthi managed to “paint pink” SYRIZA in 2019, in contrast to September 2015 when it had prevailed in seven prefectures of Macedonia and two of Thrace.

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