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SYRIZA: Mr. Mitsotakis should answer what were the reasons for monitoring Kostis Hatzidakis


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The official opposition asks the government representative to say specifically “who are the dirty networks that give information and channel material”

The reasons for monitoring the Minister of Labor Kostis Hatzidakis asks the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with his announcement o SYRIZA -PS.

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As stated by the official opposition, “What were the reasons for monitoring Kostis Hatzidakis?” After the incontrovertible evidence of the monitoring of Hatzidakis by the EYP, Mr. Mitsotakis left the lame excuses that the revelations of so many months were fiction and went on to ridicule himself: He who was in charge of the EYP did not know that the agency was monitoring the minister of…” and asks the following questions: “Because there is not a single Greek who believes him, we are waiting for a clear answer: What are the national security reasons that led the Prosecutor of the EYP, Ms. Vlachos, to sign at least six provisions for the monitoring of Mr. Hatzidakis, given that it had been going on for at least a year. After his first two-month follow-up, there was an ingrained belief that there were reasons to extend the wiretapping. What were those reasons? Mr. Mitsotakis must answer.”

He also addresses the government representative, Giannis Oikonomou, asking: “we are waiting for him to tell us specifically, who are the “dirty networks that provide information and channel material”? The former Governor of EYP, Mr. Kontoleon? The former Secretary of the Prime Minister, Mr. Dimitriadis? The Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Ms. Vlahou? Anyone else, and if so, who?’

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“PS. The jokes they serve up for cheap distraction after being caught with bugs in their ears are unworthy of any comment. What is one to say to the argument that SYRIZA allegedly turned the felony into a misdemeanor so that the associates of Mr. Mitsotakis, who set up the surveillance parastate on his orders, would go easy on him? I’m sorry…”, concludes the SYRIZA statement.


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