Androulakis: The result of the first election battle is a landmark

Androulakis: The result of the first election battle is a landmark

The president of PASOK criticized the government and SYRIZA

“The painful experience of the SYRIZA-ANEL government is what keeps it standing Mitsotakis government. The message to the progressive citizens of the country is that, if we want the Mitsotakis government to go, which is doing all these things at the expense of the public interest, the safest way is to strengthen PASOK and the democratic faction”, underlined the president of PASOK- Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakis in an interview with R/S REAL FM.

Mr. Androulakis set as a milestone the result of the first election battle and stated that his goal is to have a truly progressive and realistic alternative, which will create security conditions for the Greek people.

“As long as the correlation is in favor of SYRIZA, Mr. Mitsotakis will feel safe and rub his hands. Because it will show the SYRIZA-ANEL government as a scarecrow. So, I am asking for a strong mandate from the first Sunday to move forward with a strong government with a social democratic body and the democratic faction as the protagonist”, he emphasized.

He severely criticized the government, noting that “Mr. Mitsotakis despises the Constitution. He is not interested in the simple analogy to take advantage of the chances of having stability from the first Sunday and says “I will take the order and deliver it”.

Mr. Androulakis he also directed his fire against SYRIZA saying that “Mr. Tsipras, who himself brought the simple analogy, declares that “it is not moral to form a government of the defeated”. He does not enter into a discussion either and will deliver his order.”

The president of PASOK-KINAL pledged that he will not surrender his mandate and will honor it. “I want a large percentage, so that this percentage is a government force with priorities our program. A strong social state, education, health, social housing and policies for a productive Greece. A Hellas with energy security, with extroversion, with competitiveness. I believe that the country is held hostage between a dangerous elitism and another equally dangerous populism. Why, neither Mr. Mitsotakis is a liberal nor Mr. Tsipras a social democrat. The country needs a serious center-left force with a program and executives, in order to govern the country with credibility and progress”, argued Nikos Androulakis.

On the occasion of Eva Kaili’s case, the president of PASOK-KINAL repeated the different model of political behavior with his decision to delete her as soon as he learned of the accusations. “What did Mr. Mitsotakis do with his nephew? Did he do what I did? She tries to guard him, to protect him from any legal liability. What did Mr. Tsipras do with Mr. Pappas regarding what we hear, with Mr. Kalogritsa, with the games with the television licenses? He protected him because he was his right hand man. Here, then, we are talking about another behavior. And by this behavior all the political leaders will be judged in the national elections, which are coming,” he said, directly accusing Mr. Mitsotakis of being the prime minister of eavesdropping, Patsidos, Dimitriadis, clientelistic attitudes in the Recovery Fund, “champion” of direct assignments and temporary employees.

Regarding the economy and development, he stated that he supports a policy for many and good jobs, sustainable development and at the same time de-escalation of the cost of living insisting on the need to reduce the VAT on basic goods.

Regarding the market pass, Mr. Androulakis noted the party’s positive vote, but with the counterpoint that permanent policies and a different vision for development are required for vulnerable citizens. He described the Mitsotakis choices as “politics with an eye on the ballot box. While we have been living this adventure – the inflationary pressures – for months now, he chooses to do it before the elections. Because he wants to send the message that it is a counter-gift for the vote of the Greek people. We do not accept this.”

Referring to the energy crisis, Mr. Androulakis noted the PASOK-Movement for Change proposal for a ceiling on the retail price.


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