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Androulakis: Either with those who are capable of everything for power or with those who sacrifice everything for the respect of human rights


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Statement by the president of PASOK-KINAL on the surveillance case

Nikos Androulakis provided indirect but clear support to the president of ADAE, Christos Rammos, for the criticisms he receives. The president of PASOK-Movement of Change stated that “it is unthinkable to target in a brutal way people who are fighting for the independent authorities and the rights of the citizen” and pointed out sharply that “in a way that is completely reminiscent of the previous government. And I say this because today I am shocked by the front pages of some newspapers because they are the same with a different color than those during SYRIZA a few years ago”.

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Mr. Androulakis stated that “it is unthinkable in a European society that anyone who does not serve the narrative and suggestion of the central authority should be morally and politically punished. This is not a normal European political system” and formulated the dilemma of the next elections: “Either with those who are capable of everything as long as they have a position of power at the expense of the public interest, at the expense of institutions and Democracy or with those who are capable of sacrificing everything to ensure social peace, prosperity and respect for human rights in the homeland.” Nikos Androulakis concluded by defining the position of PASOK-KINAL. “This faction has always been on the edge of the second critical political system, which ultimately kept the country in the euro zone,” he stressed.

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