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Nikologiannis: The ego of the Panathinaikos players was offended – Vounos the qualification but there is faith


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The difficulties of qualifying against PAOK and the determination that exists in Panathinaikos to pursue their chances, he conveyed in his “air.” News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

The Panathinaikos players know very well what mistakes they made in the last games against PAOK, mistakes they don’t usually make. Their egos have been hurt by the five goals scored by PAOK. They have as a guide the first half in Toumba and they want very much to make the upset. The away goal does not count, so even a 3-1 can send the match to overtime. The first thing Panathinaikos has to do is to be compact and take advantage of the opportunities it finds. There is belief in the team to qualify, they know they have a mountain to climb, but they believe they can do it. PAOK has the momentum, but Panathinaikos will try“, he said characteristically.

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Speaking about the 11 of the “trefoil” in tomorrow’s rematch with the “double-header of the North”, the reporter of the station noted that “Lodingin will be in goal since he plays in the Cup matches, Pouhats instead of Huancar, while if it’s ok Poungouras will play with Sarlia, otherwise one of Sanchez or Kourbelis will go there. If Kourbelis plays in the stoppers, then Tsokai will probably play in the center, along with Ruben and Cerin. In front we will see Palacios, Bernard and Sporar».

Nikologiannis emphasized that, with the acquisition of Mancini-Kleinheisler and already having Palacios, Verbitz and Bernard, Jovanovic considers that he is almost covered in the wing positions, but he did not rule out Panathinaikos making another transfer somewhere, until Monday.

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While he repeated how Mancini was from the beginning the first target of the “greens” and their coachexplaining the reasons why his transfer could not be done sooner.

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