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Mitsotakis has confirmed his guilt for the wiretapping, says SYRIZA


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How do Koumoundourou respond to the Prime Minister’s question about how Mr. Tsipras knows names that he does not know

For “sad presence” of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the Parliamentwith which he confirmed his guilt for the wiretapping scandal as the head, orchestrator and mastermind of the parastatal he installed in Megaros Maximos, say SYRIZA sources, after the conclusion of the debate on the motion of no confidence in the Parliament.

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In fact, the same sources comment that Mr. Mitsotakis “did not answer even one of the questions put to him for three days and exhausted his arguments in ridiculous distractions. And of course he did not answer the relentless questions put to him by Mr. Tsipras about the feasibility of monitoring the leadership of the Armed Forces and Laios and Alexopoulos on the flow of money from the 15 billion in armaments.
ND MPs, some for their seat and others because they are being blackmailed by the Mitsotakis sub-state with wiretapping products, today turned the Mitsotakis scandal into a scandal of their faction. The worst thing, however, for the leader of the parastatal gang, is that today not only does not close the “wiretapping scandal” chapter, but rather opens an even bigger one. Mr. Mitsotakis will drink the glass to the end.”

At the same time, the same SYRIZA circles speak of “Mr. Mitsotakis’ deplorable attempt even today to convince that the names of 6 monitored (Hatzidakis, Floros, Lalousi, Diakopoulos, Laios and Alexopoulos) he was not aware of them and they were not in Mr. Rammos’ reply letter” and they are making public the official request that Mr. Tsipras had submitted to the President of ADAE. To this, Mr. Rammos replied, confirming that all 6 persons, for whom Mr. Tsipras applied, i.e. “Minister and five senior officers of the Armed Forces” were under official surveillance by Mr. Mitsotakis’ EYP under the signature of Ms. Vlacho “for reasons of national security, in the first case from November 2020 to June 2021 and in the second category of cases altogether from July 2020 to May 2022”.

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