StOrgi: “It’s always up to us to take action”


We are human beings with passions and weaknesses – we are vulnerable but also malleable. Even if we cannot control our emotions and thoughts, it is up to us to take action. It is up to us to let the light within us help us out of the darkness in our lives.

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In her new episode “Affection”tonight at 21.00the Doctor (Maria Naufliotou) accepts in her practice a new couple who are on the verge of separation. THE Christos (Giorgis Tsouris) and the Agni (Sofia Priovolou) they don’t want the same. Christos definitely wants them to divorce because “when love leaves, you see things more clearly” while Agni desperately fights to keep her husband because “she is afraid of the idea of ​​abandonment”.

On the other hand, Kaiti (Nefeli Kouri) returns for her second session and reveals who Loukas (Dimitris Goutzamanis) was who tried to kill him a few days ago.


The pain and anger she has inside is great and the Doctor promises her that “together they will heal her wounds. It won’t all magically disappear, but what’s left won’t burn her heart like it did before.”


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Episode 17 – “Loyalty”

A new couple, Agni and Christos, ask for the help of the Doctor, as they are on the verge of separation. However, each of them has a different agenda, since Christos definitely wants them to divorce, while Agni suffers at the idea of ​​abandonment.


Kaiti returns to the Doctor for her second session. Although she is very depressed, she finds the courage to talk about Luke, the man she attacked with a knife the other day.


The Doctor learns about her youthful relationship with Lukas, when they had run away from the village together, but also about how he used her to pay off his gambling debts. Kate finds some comfort in the Doctor’s words, but she still wants to take revenge on him…


Starring: Maria Naufliotou (Doctor, Margarita Kalogeropoulou), Nefeli Kouri (Kaiti), Sofia Priovolou (Agni Gasparatou), Giorgis Tsouris (Christos Miliopoulos), Vicky Papadopoulou (Vicky), Konstantinos Lagos (Damianos), Yolanda Balaoura (Pigi), Lena Drosaki ( Nana), Vassilis Milionis (Bili), Meggy Souli (Myrto)

Take part: Georgia Mavriogiorgi, Nicole Nikoli, Angelos Andriopoulos, Smaragda Vraziou, Dimitris Goutzamanis

Directed by: Christos Georgiou
Directors: Manos Gasteratos, Irini Loukatou
Performance – Script Customization: Eva Pantazi
Screenplay: Eva Pantazi, Yiannis Voliotis


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